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NordVPN vs IPVanish

You’ve probably noticed the sign from Netflix saying that it notices a VPN and you can’t use it. But this isn’t the case for all VPN providers.

I’ve been using NordVPN for about a year now and have used it perfectly well with multiple streaming services I use.

As a person living abroad, it gives me the internet advantage as if I were living back in stateside. Such as the advantage of having my Netflix shows.

Does NordVPN work with netflixYes. NordVPN does work with Netflix. It works from multiple countries and to multiple countries. If you’re travelling abroad, you can connect back to available Netflix shows back to the United States through NordVPN. Additionally, you can set NordVPN to see what is on Netflix in other countries.

So fret not if you have an international trip coming up and haven’t finished Season 1 of whatever show you’re watching.

Using NordVPN all you have to do is navigate to United Sates on the NordVPN geography map and click connect. And viola! You’re able to use Netflix with NordVPN.

Netflix in Other Countries

The advantage of NordVPN is that it has multiple countries you can connect to. Each country will have multiple servers you’re able to connect to.

There is an automatic feature that allows you to connect to the fastest servers of that country.

This is handy so you won’t have to manually pick a VPN server every time you want to tunnel through the internet. So, if you want to see the selections NordVPN has in the United Kingdom, you have that option.

If you’re taking multiple devices you can still use your NordVPN subscription. That way you’ll have the streaming services available on multiple platforms.

And watch Netflix on your iPhone or laptop, as you would back home.

All you have to do is click on the NordVPN icon on the bottom right of your task bar. This will bring up a geography of the world. You’ll see that in the middle of each country is a blue pin.

That pin represents the fastest VPN server you can connect to. And all you have to do is click it and you’ll have your VPN connection established.

When you log into your Netflix account while connected to an international server, like the United Kingdom from the United States, you’re able to see what flavors are available to watch.

It’s a neat tip to know as it virtually gives you a new list of entertainment to watch.

You may even find shows that you haven’t heard of. Or shows that are its equivalent in that country. This gives me a laugh sometimes. Because, the scripts will often be identical, but in a different accent.

An example is a show called Shameless. There is an American version, and there is a UK version.

I’ve only seen the first episode for the UK version, but I thought it was so strange how closely related and at the same time so different these episodes were.

Netflix from Abroad to the USA

This is especially relevant for me. If you don’t know, I travel often and really enjoy streaming through my websites that I did back when I lived in the USA.

You’ll often encounter that there are some streaming services that just can’t be used while abroad. The way this can be circumvented is by enabling NordVPN to connect back to the United States.

That way I can continue watching my normal shows.

Netflix will usually already work in most countries in the world. But in the off chance it doesn’t, using NordVPN will allow it to.

Because the entertainment choices on Netflix might be different while international, it is possible to connect back to the USA to pick up where you left off on a particular show you may have been watching.

This is less common for my usage. I switch back to the USA just to see the new list available to me. Apart from that the only show I’m waiting to be released on Netflix in the USA is Peaky Blinders.

Every season has been epic. And I’ve usually been able to watch it while connected back in the USA.

Other Streaming Services

For streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime, you’d be hard pressed to play shows without NordVPN if you’re travelling abroad.

Without a tunnel (using NordVPN) to the United States, Amazon Prime can recognize you’re out of the country. They let you know that they know by limiting the available shows and movies you can watch.

Instead of having a full list of what you normally watch back in the states, you’re only limited to a very few number of shows and movies.

This is usually preceded by Amazon Prime Video’s sign with an airplane saying ‘It looks like you’re travelling’ or something like that. 

You can make your regular entertainment available again by connecting NordVPN back to the United States. Once you refresh Amazon, you’ll see the normal entertainment become available once more.

Hulu seems to be more restrictive as it doesn’t limit you to a few movies and shows, rather they just say you can’t stream if you’re abroad. This would be really unfortunate if you didn’t have NordVPN.

Just as with Prime Video, if you VPN back to the United States, your entertainment will once again become available.

Related Questions

Can you use NordVPN with Netflix?

Yes. The resounding answer is with NordVPN you’re able to connect to multiple countries and become open to a wider variety of shows available on Netflix. It will work while you’re in the United States as well as if you were outside of the United States travelling.

How does NordVPN work with Netflix?

NordVPN works with Netflix by creating a VPN aka a tunnel to the destination server. These servers can be located in other countries. This effectively allows you to use the internet from the connected country. Which means the Netflix options available in the tunneled country, will also be available to you.

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