Can NordVPN be used for Netflix?

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Can NordVPN be used for Netflix?

There are so many options to choose for VPNs that help with streaming. But a lot of times streaming services will notice a VPN and not allow access to entertainment.

This has happened to me so many times when I needed streaming access while living abroad.

Because of that I’ve had to consider VPNs that would fit my need of unblocking streaming providers. Luckily I was able to find NordVPN to watch where I wanted on whatever media platform I chose.

Can NordVPN be used for Netflix? Netflix can be used with NordVPN and its many servers hosted worldwide. Because countries have backup servers, there are no failures for watching Netflix without redundancy. For instance, there is an option for every display code not allowing you to stream with VPN on. Choosing through different NordVPN servers allows the continuous use for Netflix.

Because there are multiple countries listed you can also explore other parts of the world. Ever interested in seeing what’s going on in Costa Rica? NordVPN can help.

Using Netflix through NordVPN by Country

Obviously if you live the United States like I did, you can connect to NordVPN in the US and watch Netflix. The benefits of this is to keep your privacy continuous. But there are actually more benefits.

Netflix is actually a regional based streaming service. That means depending on where you are in the world Netflix, opens a different variety of streaming options.

For instance what’s available on Netflix in the United States may not be available in Costa Rica or vice versa. Can you guess where I’m getting at next?

Not only can you have continuous privacy when NordVPN is enabled, you can also open up a new world of streaming options that you didn’t have before.

NordVPN can be pointed to another country and allow you to watch the available Netflix options of that location.

If you’re in Costa Rica, just point NordVPN back to the United States, and you’ll have the options you had back state side.

If you’re in the United States and want to know what available options are possible in Costa Rica, you can simply point NordVPN to Costa Rica. Lo and behold you’ve opened up a new string of media options to choose from.

I give Costa Rica and United States as options, but this is not inclusive. There are plenty of other countries you can choose from and see available options.

Don’t forget to try out obscure countries like Kuwait and see what’s available over there. There’s also the obvious countries like United Kingdom or Spain, you can point NordVPN to as well.

Netflix Subtitles and Audio

You’ll notice that if you have setup NordVPN to be in another country, that Netflix will have some language differences as well as options for subtitles that may be different.

If you’re trying to learn another language of another country, this maybe a good way to do that.

You can find Arabic subtitles in places like Kuwait, or more Spanish options in places like Spain.

Either way there will inevitably be translations whether in audio or subtitles that allow you to understand in English while getting used to the influenced language of the country you set NordVPN to.

NordVPN and Other Streaming Services

Netflix doesn’t have the only monopoly to using NordVPN as a service. There are other streaming platforms that can be assisted with the use of NordVPN.

An issue with streaming platforms, is that the moment you travel out of the country, you can longer stream from that service. So, good luck finishing a suspensful series you started back in the United States.

A good example would be trying to watch Hulu in a country like Kuwait. No can do there. Hulu will spit an error code saying that you’re out of country and travelling.

You’ll notice this as a pretty common theme.

So if you have a subcription like Amazon Prime Video, you will like encounter the exact same issue as you would with Hulu – errors stating something like, your currently travelling and have limited access.

Now you may still be able to stream some things, but the options will be reduced significantly.

Luckily, NordVPN can help unblock with streaming services limits while abroad. By setting NordVPN back to the United States, you can have access back to the streaming services you were subscribed to.

You’ll see Amazon Prime Video and Hulu’s options back to where it originally was before you decided to travel. 

Related Questions

Why does NordVPN not work with Netflix?

On the rare occasion, Netflix will provide an error saying something along the lines of not being able to stream due to VPN. If doesn’t explicitly state it, it maybe a code that you can easily Google which will have that definition.

This usually happens because Netflix has banned the particular server you maybe streaming on. Unlike other VPN services, NordVPN provides you alternative servers you can choose from.

With 5200 servers that can be used to VPN with, NordVPN has an unparalleled redundancy for situations such as this.

How many alternative VPN servers does NordVPN have?

NordVPN can has over 1900 servers in the United states alone, and over 5000 servers world wide.

So if you ever get stuck in a bind from websites such as Netflix not granting you access because of a VPN, you can always choose another server to choose from to run streaming capabilities.

These redundancies make NordVPN a prime pick for a VPN service for any given scenario.

Which VPN server is the best for NordVPN?

I know choices can take more time than the convenience it brings. But with NordVPN, the list of 1000s of servers is automatically scouted by the service of the time to choose the best NordVPN server currently available.

So there’s no need in worrying about which of the 1000s to choose from, as NordVPN already has an automatic selection in place that allows to choose. Just simply accept the recommendation by NordVPN, and you’re all set.

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