What Is The Best VPN That Works With Netflix?

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What Is The Best VPN That Works With Netflix?

Netflix is an excellent value, providing favorite shows in a number of locales, and selections vary based on geography.

What can you do, however, if you cannot access Netflix from your location or if you simply want the same shows that you can get a particular country? The answer, of course, is to use a VPN.

What is the BEST VPN that works with Netflix? NordVPN and ExpressVPN are great options to choose from. But it ultimately depends on your budget and your needs!

In order to help you to make this decision, we’re going to provide you with a review of some of the fastest, most secure options that can help you to make the most of your Netflix subscription.

Let’s talk about the best VPN options that work with Netflix!

Why do you need a VPN for Netflix?

The best reasons for using a VPN for Netflix are obvious. Security and Geography-based selections.

Netflix provides a service that gives you the most popular local shows and if you are a seasoned lover of entertainment, the locale-structure can be limiting.

With a VPN you can bypass that while at the same time maintaining your privacy. Watch the most popular shows in Paris, then switch to London. After that, see what is popular in the United States.

With a VPN it won’t matter where you are.

Why not get the most out of your Netflix?

So, how do you go about that? We’ve collected some of the best VPN options to make the most of your Netflix experience, it is only up to you to decide which one will best fit your needs. 

We’ll do our best to give you a good overview of the bells and whistles that come with each VPN without getting overly technical, as we are simply looking to advise you how to select a VPN for streaming Netflix video easily and efficiently.

This way you can get a good idea of what is out there without being deluged with a lot of information that you probably won’t need.

Also, we should warn you in advance, not all VPNs are going to work with Netflix so if you end up going with a provider that we have not listed then

BE SURE to test it out for a trial run before committing to any long-term subscriptions. If not you might run into the dreaded ‘Netflix proxy error’.   

What is the Netflix proxy error?

The Netflix proxy error is what occurs when Netflix detects that you are attempting to use a VPN or a proxy server to access their services.

At this point you will get an error along the lines of “Whoops, something went wrong. Streaming error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

Why would they do this?

Well, simply put, it’s a matter of licensing. Netflix provides libraries containing movies and television which are only licensed for specific regions. 

This helps to ensure that you get to enjoy your favorite local entertainment while also making sure that Netflix is only distributing content in the regions where they purchased the license to distribute it.

Now, in order to get around this inconvenience you will want to employ a VPN

As we have previously mentioned, not all VPNs will work with Netflix, so let’s get down to the meat of this article by talking about some VPNs where you won’t have that issue!


If you don’t want to micromanage your VPN, Cyberghost is the way to go.

While it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles you can find with more expensive VPN’s, it does its job admirably and makes it easy on you.

This is a VPN you can install and put to use right away So, what comes with the package? Let’s start with your connections.

Cyberghost provides you with 7 simultaneous connections, an intuitive interface, and unlimited bandwidth at just a fraction of the cost of other providers.

They also have special streaming servers that work quite well with Netflix and setup is easy for non-techies and techies alike.

If you are new to using VPN or just want to ‘install and go’ with very little effort then Cyberghost might be the right choice for you.

It works with U.S. Netflix as well, which may be blocked from other VPN providers, so if you are wanting to access the U.S. based Netflix programs then Cyberghost is an excellent VPN option that won’t break the bank.

Yearly plans start you out at a rate of $2.75 per month so give them a test.

After all, you don’t always need the most expensive or complicated option to get the job done!


NordVPN is our second entry to the list, boasting a network of more than 5100 servers in 61 countries.

That’s some excellent coverage as it reduces your chances of downtime or connection delays that can come with smaller providers and that’s always good.

It is also extremely user-friendly and ‘Unblocking’ Netflix simply requires that you turn on the VPN client and select the country for the Netflix library that you would like to enjoy.

Easy as pie.

One caveat that we found, however, is inconsistent speed, based upon which server you are connecting too.

This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, however, as you try different servers until you find a nice, fast one.

Pricewise, NordVPN gives you 6 simultaneous connections starting around $3.49 per month if you go with a 3-year plan or $11.95 if you want to go month to month.

If you are looking to stream Netflix or other streaming services NordVPN is definitely one of the better options.


VyprVPN is well-known as a popular choice for accessing outside resources from China.

They even have their own proprietary protocol, known as Chameleon, to give you some added security should you require it. Now, this doesn’t mean that there are no caveats.

VyprVPN does not have as many servers as some of the more-established offerings and the speed, while not bad, would be better described as ‘moderate’. 

This will usually be just fine for Netflix but as with any new VPN we would recommend that you give it a 30-day trial just to ensure that coverage and the speeds that you get from the servers closest to you are going to be adequate for your needs.

As they do not have a free plan this can be a little off-putting but with their selection of advanced features and their track record for reliability, this is a VPN that you should consider.  

Pricewise, VyprVPN will set you back about $9.95 on a monthly plan and $5.00 per month with the yearly subscription.

This is good for only 3 simultaneous connections so we were a little disappointed with that but you can upgrade the subscription if you require the use of more devices.  

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is powerful, easy to use, fast, and inexpensive.

Sporting extra features such as malware blocking, split tunneling, and unlimited bandwidth, this can be a very good VPN to go with –with a little testing.

While we found this VPN to be very fast, connections with Private Internet Access VPN to Netflix were not as consistent as we would have liked so this can be a little frustrating for some depending on their location and servers accessed.

They have a 7-day money-back guarantee so you can give them a shot if you want to see if you can take advantage of their streaming speeds.

Another caveat for PIA is that the high speeds do come at a security price, as they are reliant on employing the default 128-bit encryption.

You can, of course, choose to use more secure options with Private Internet Access but this will clip your speed a little.

So, how cost-effective is Private Internet Access VPN? Try $6.95 per month if you want the month to month plan or $3.33 per month on the yearly.

If you test this VPN out from your location and do not see the inconsistency issue then this is a very fast and affordable choice. It is well worth the look.      


Astrill VPN is another option on our list that we think you might like.

With built-in speed test options, ease of use (such as a ‘connect’ button with a list of servers and locations, they are easy to get started with and work quite well with Netflix and with torrenting.   

One of the features which we liked a lot is their ‘filtering’ option. This allows you to decide what applications and websites will be going through the VPN. 

This can help to make sure that your VPN is only being used where it is needed, such as with your Netflix, without affecting performance for online games or other apps that you want to ‘filter out’.

Astrill works quite well with Netflix and with BBC iPlayer but we should warn you that it has some issues with Amazon Prime, so if you are using more than one streaming service then this may be a consideration.

Astrill is one of the more expensive providers, however, with their monthly starting at around $15 USD and lowering down to around $8.00 per month if you go with the yearly plan with VPN coverage for 5 devices.

If 5 devices will suffice for you at that rate and you have had trouble with other VPN services then you should definitely check out Astrill, it really does play quite well with Netflix.


Windscribe is another gem of a VPN that you can use with Netflix… though only with a paid account. This is because of the servers which are employed with the free accounts.

You see, Windscribe has special ‘Windflix’ servers which are dedicated to streaming Netflix and these only come with the paid accounts.

So, what does it cost and what do you get? One of the perks of going with this service is their ‘build a plan’ option.

This allows you to select only the things that you need and if you select the Windflix server and unlimited data options you can unblock your Netflix for as little as $2.00 per month with unlimited connections.

It’s a hard deal to beat. The only caveat that we have found is that some locations don’t have as fast of a connection as others so test this one out first. The price is definitely right!


We’ve saved the best for last. ExpressVPN is the fastest option for your streaming when it comes to Netflix or other popular providers.

ExtressVPN combines fast speeds with ease of use and keeps things simple in the process.

There is an interface for the VPN itself which includes a speed test and there is also a browser extension that installs so that you don’t have to switch between the two for simple functions.

Like Astrill, you can filter your apps with the ‘split tunneling’ feature to optimize usage as well. As useful as this is it is surprising that all VPNs do not offer this.

Beyond the basics, Express VPN doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles and for some this is actually quite nice.

If you are going to be streaming you really don’t have to bother with a lot of fancy configuration and ExpressVPN delivers what most people are looking for in a VPN used for streams– a fast connection and reliability.

As far as the cost, their monthly starts at $12.95 or you can go with a 15-month plan that takes it down to a modest $6.66 per month.

Out of all the VPNs which we have reviewed, this is the one that we like the most and we cannot recommend enough that you should give them a try.

Frequently asked questions about the best VPN for Netflix

1.  How do I configure my VPN to work with Netflix?

This will vary based on the provider which you select but generally what happens is you will download and install the VPN software from the provider of your choice, install it, and then be presented with an interface.

The interface will have your connection options, generally consisting of a list of servers in various locations and, in some cases, lists of their connection speeds or an indicator as to how ‘busy’ that server is.

You want to then select one of the fastest or least-busy (preferably both) servers that are listed as being within the region of Netflix content you wish to access.

So, if you want content from the UK, you select a UK server, connect, and then you are done. Open your Netflix and connect and you should be able to access content from that locale.

2. Will Netflix ban you for using a VPN?

To the best of our knowledge, you will not be banned for using a VPN.

Rather, what occurs most commonly if Netflix detects that you are using a VPN you will simply receive the Netflix Proxy error and you will be unable to access your content until you turn off your VPN and then switch to a VPN service which is not detected by Netflix.

This is why it is important to make sure that the VPN that you select is one that will work with Netflix before obtaining a 6 month or yearly subscription.

Some lesser VPN providers can make simple mistakes, such as assigning a DNS from your internet provider with an IP that registers to another provider, for instance, and Netflix will instantly realize that something is wrong and generate the Proxy error.

Choose something that you know will work, such as ExpressVPN or Windscribe and you won’t have to worry about issues accessing your desired content.

3. Is it illegal to watch Netflix with a VPN?

Technically it could be if VPN use is banned in the country which you are connecting from.

If VPN access is not banned in the country where your connection actually originates, however, then VPN access for Netflix is considered ‘discouraged’ but not actually illegal.   

4. Do any free VPNS work with Netflix?

Yes, there are some free VPN providers who will work with Netflix. The problem that you might run into is going to be limitations in speed or in your ‘data allowance’.

A free provider may, for instance, give you 5 or 10 gigabytes per month of use and with streaming video, this can get used up quite quickly.

Here are some free providers that you can try if you need VPN in a pinch or simply want to see  it in action:

  • SaferVPN – Offering 500 MB or 24 hours free VPN access.
  • Tunnelbear – Offers 500 – 1000 MB of free access per month.
  • HIDEmyASS – Offers 7 days of free trial access.
  • ProtonVPN – Offers 7 days of access with limitations (in regards to speed and available servers).

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