What Web Browser Do You Use To Hide Your History To Watch A Video?

What Web Browser Do You Use To Hide Your History To Watch A Video?

Unlike in the past, privacy has now become a bigger deal for every Internet lover. That’s so because people, including your ISPs, secret services, governments, cyber-criminals, are always interested in knowing about your activities online.

I’m sure you know that several different websites out there can keep track of your internet activities for one reason or another. This is where the need to keep your online privacy hidden every time with the best web browser comes into play. Although there are several different browsers out there, you need to understand that only a few of them are reliable for hiding your browsing history, especially for watching videos.

The most effective web browser that you can use to conceal your history to watch a video is Tor. This browser will help you hide your browser and assign you a new one from its nodes, which will keep you anonymous online. Other reliable web browsers include DuckDuckGo, Epic Browser, SRWare Iron, etc.

In the rest of this article, I’ll further share with you the list of the best web browsers for hiding your history to watch videos. In addition to that, I’ll also explain how each of the browsers can help you achieve the best results.

Why Choose Web Browsers to Hide Your History to Watch Videos?

There are tons of reasons why most people choose to hide their browsing history, especially when watching videos. Some choose to do that because of the type of content they watch.

With browsers like Google Chrome incognito browser, you can always watch your videos online without leaving any track. They work by allowing you to visit any of your best sites to watch videos without keeping your browsing history saved on their logs.

No doubt, most privacy-focused web browsers aren’t effective for keeping you anonymous online. That’s so because, even with them, your internet service provider will still be able to keep track of your activities. However, you can always use them to keep your browsing history hidden from your friends and families.

What Are the Best Privacy-Focused Browsers for Watching Videos Online?

As earlier stated, there are tons of browsers out there that are great for concealing web history to watch videos. While I won’t be sharing the full list of all the browsers, you can check below to see some of the most effective ones.

  1. Tor browser

Occupying the top spot on the list of best privacy-focused web browsers for watching videos is the Tor Browser. I’m recommending the browser because it offers some of the best features, which will help you keep your online presence anonymous.

How does the Tor browser work?

First, you need to understand that the browser has several different relay servers. As soon as you connect with the browser, it’ll pick your network traffic and route it randomly through some of these servers.

Furthermore, as you send your request online, the Tor browser will help you encrypt it several times. The purpose of that is to ensure that each of the relay servers that the request passes through will only get to know the previous and next relays and not the content of the request.

As soon as the request finishes passing through the randomly selected relay servers, it exits the Tor network at the exit server – this is exactly the point where you’re browsing from.

Strengths and weaknesses of browsing with Tor network 

As earlier mentioned, the Tor browser is one of the most effective browsers that you can choose to hide your browsing history to watch videos. That’s so because the browser will help you mask your real internet protocol address, making it pretty hard for people to track the URLs you visit.

Furthermore, the Tor browser is very great for concealing your internet activities, making it impossible for your ISP to track your history, even when watching videos. That’s not all; the browser will also enable you to bypass several different types of video restrictions.

However, it’s worth knowing that the browser isn’t without its issues. One of the drawbacks of the Tor browser is that it tends to slow down browsing speed, making it difficult to download large files quickly.

  1. DuckDuckGo 

Another great privacy-focused browser that you can choose to hide your browsing history to watch videos is the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser. Most people choose this browser because of its less intuitive nature when compared to the likes of Google or Bing.

By using the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, you can rest assured that it’ll help you block every hidden third-party tracker. The browser also uses secure encryption, which will keep people away from seeing your requested content.

  1. Epic Privacy Browser

Occupying the third spot on this list is the Epic Privacy Browser. That’s so because it offers several different amazing features. In addition to that, the browser also utilizes a virtual private network, which has servers in approximately 8 countries across the world.

With the Epic Privacy Browser, you can keep your history hidden when watching videos on the internet. Apart from that, you can always take advantage of its free VPN service to bypass restrictions and keep your internet presence anonymous.

  1. SRWare Iron

Another great privacy-focused web browser on this list is the SRWare Iron. In case you don’t know, this browser looks similar to Google Chrome. Of course, the reason for that is because it’s designed based on the open-source Chromium project. The only difference, however, is that it’s more secure than Chrome, according to experts.

The bottom line is, you can always use SRWare Iron to conceal your history to watch a video on the internet.


The importance of hiding your browsing history to watch videos online can’t be overstressed. If for any reason, you decide to conceal your history, you can always choose any of the privacy-focused web browsers listed above. However, keep in mind that they might not be the best solution for keeping your browser history hidden.

For the best results, I’ll advise you to use any of the browsers with the best and reliable VPN software out there, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

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