How To Hide Your Browsing History From Comcast?

How To Hide Your Browsing History From Comcast?

Can Comcast see my browsing history? As a Comcast user who takes internet privacy seriously, I’m pretty sure this question must have crossed your mind several times. Of course, the answer to the question is yes. But does this mean you should be worried?

According to a post by the Internet Service Provider, Comcast doesn’t monitor the websites you visit. The company further reveals that it doesn’t also keep track of the apps you use through your broadband connection. With that, it means Comcast will not collect your personal information and sell it to third parties.

However, you need to keep in mind that Comcast can always throttle or slow down your service, especially if it finds out you’re torrenting illegally or for other reasons. In this case, the best way to avoid a throttled connection is by completely concealing your browsing history from Comcast.

One of the simplest and best ways to hide your browsing history from Comcast is by using a secure VPN solution. This approach will help you hide your internet activities and also protect your privacy. Alternatively, you can consider browsing with the Tor network. Also, avoid browsing in “incognito”, as it isn’t effective.

There are several actions that you can perform to keep Comcast away from seeing your browsing history. In the rest of this post, we’ll be looking at some of these solutions.

Why Should You Hide Your Browsing History from Comcast?

As earlier noted, Comcast isn’t some sort of government surveillance that watches your every move. No doubt, the Internet Service Provider has all it takes to keep track of your internet activities, however, it doesn’t work that way.

This brings us to the question of what exactly can Comcast see when they keep track of your browsing activities? Can it see your internet banking details?

When you visit a site and enter your internet banking details, it’ll be very impossible for Comcast and other ISP’s to see what you’re doing. No doubt, the service provider can see the sites you visit. However, the company won’t be able to see the content on the site, including your banking details. But, this is only true for websites that use a secure connection (HTTPS).

Here’s another quick question, can Comcast see you checking out torrenting sites? The answer to the question is yes. Torrenting is mostly legal and since that’s the case, the internet service provider will not do anything if it sees you torrenting. 

However, if Comcast notices you torrenting illegally (downloading copyrighted files) and it knows you do that almost all the time, it might slow down or throttle your bandwidth. Here’s where the need to hide your browsing history comes in.

Apart from that, you need to understand that most ISPs, including Comcast, sell data and make money from it. However, it’s not your personal information that they sell, rather they only sell certain information on your activities, such as the products you recently bought online and stuff like that. If you don’t feel comfortable about that, the best solution is to hide your browsing history.

What Is the Best Way to Hide Your Browsing History from Comcast?

As earlier stated, you can always hide your browsing history from Comcast using several different approaches. Let’s have a quick look at some of them below:

  1. Use VPN

Over the past years, VPN connections have proven themselves to be reliable and secure for the protection of online privacy. A VPN requires you to choose your preferred server. Once you connect to the VPN server, it will proceed to mask your IP address, assigning you a new one. 

Furthermore, VPN works by picking your network server and routing it through a VPN tunnel instead of your ISP’s server. This way, your ISP will only be seeing the Internet Protocol address assigned to you by the VPN instead of your own. Interestingly, without your IP address, it becomes pretty hard for the service provider to know your location, the site you visit, your internet activities, and many more.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use a reliable VPN:

  • VPN will bypass bandwidth throttling

For those who don’t know, bandwidth throttling is the intentional slowing or speeding of an internet service by ISPs. Internet Service Providers utilize this technique to regulate network traffic and limit any bandwidth congestion. Well, one of the effective ways to prevent bandwidth throttling by Comcast is by making use of a strong VPN.

Top VPNs, such as NordVPN, use AES 256 encryption. This technology will help you encrypt your network traffic, making it impossible for your ISP to notice and throttle.

  • VPN protects browsing history

Another benefit of VPNs is that they are capable of protecting your browser history. With the standard AES 256 encryption that most VPN software offers, there’s no way Comcast can view your browsing history, collect your internet data, and sell to third parties.

What are the features of reliable VPN software?

Here are some of the features that you should look for when choosing a VPN to protect your browsing history.

  • The right VPN software should have thousands of servers located in several countries in the world.
  • It should have an Advanced Encryption Standard with a key size of 256 bits.
  • A reliable VPN should pack the “kill switch” feature. This will protect your browsing history if your connection is compromised.
  • It should offer a strict no-logs policy.
  1. Use Tor browser

The Tor network connection works almost the same way as the VPN software. It helps to hide your IP address, providing you with another one from its nodes. With that, it means connecting to the network, will keep you anonymous, and prevent Comcast and other ISPs from seeing your browsing history. The only problem, however, is that the Tor network tends to slow down the internet speed.

  1. Avoid browsing using an incognito browser

There’s a saying that the incognito browser helps to keep the browser history hidden. Well, you need to understand that this is false. It’s worth knowing that Comcast will see your online activities and collect your internet data with this browsing mode.

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