How many devices does NordVPN Allow? More than you think

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How many devices does NordVPN Allow?

I have had a NordVPN subscription for about about a year now, and I can say it has been an absolutely awesome user experience.

Plus the price doesn’t break the bank in the least bit while giving me a bunch of features. Currently for one subscription, I actively use it to VPN on three devices. But NordVPN allows for way more than that.

How many devices does NordVPN Allow? NordVPN allows six devices to be used for one subscription. If one of those devices has it to negotiate traffic to other devices, that counts for one device for the six allowed in the subscription An example of this is a router having NordVPN installed while providing VPN internet to others that don’t have it installed.

This incredibly useful if you’re trying to connect to Amazon Prime through your TV while living abroad. For me this has been the case on multiple occasions.

If you don’t know Amazon Prime doesn’t work without a VPN in some countries outside of the United States. NordVPN is so useful in that it doesn’t count devices hooked to your router that don’t have it NordVPN installed.

So technically you’re allowed to have as many devices going through one NordVPN configured router as you want with one NordVPN subscription.

Multiple Devices Allowed as One of the Six Limit

One NordVPN subscription allows you to install NordVPN on six devices to be used; there are additional ways to get more VPN for the amount of devices you have.

By using a router with NordVPN installed, you are able to connect through the VPN.

Devices connected to your router will by proxy also be connected through the VPN, but NordVPN will only recognize one of the six possible license uses for your devices.

If you have a gaming system, a PC, Apple TV, etc connected through the NordVPN enabled router, all these devices are by proxy going through VPN.

This effectively allows your home router network to be safe from the prying eyes of ISPs or bad actors.

Once this NordVPN router configuration is setup, you still have the five of six licenses left for the subscriptions. That’s plenty. Usually the rest of the licenses would be ideally used for more mobile platforms.

NordVPN on Mobile Devices

I’ve been using NordVPN for about a year and have it installed on all my mobile platforms. Specifically my laptop and my phone.

It’s easy to install on each device, and better suited over lugging a router with NordVPN installed.

I’m abroad a lot, so sometimes I’ll go to cafes and because I have NordVPN, I’m able to watch shows like Amazon Prime or Hulu.

My iPhone is also perfectly compatible with NordVPN.

With my my iPhone and laptop as my most mobile of devices, this only takes up two of NordVPN’s six allowed devices for one subscription. That sounds like a deal to me. Especially if I ever get a second phone.

My NordVPN Experience

I’ve been using NordVPN for about a year now. It’s safe to say I have a good understanding on the user experience it offers me.

I can use it on multiple devices and have found the subscription limit has never affected me. This is a huge plus as I wouldn’t want the hassle of adding an additional device by upgrading my subscription.

Also, beyond the flexibility of all my devices being connected through NordVPN, I like the extra sense of protection and privacy it offers. Especially when I’m using a public WiFi network.

For me this is a pretty frequent occurrence as I am have been living abroad for a while.

Privacy is nice, but there are are practical reasons for it’s utility as well. For instance some websites need you to be back in your host country to be able to login, or play a TV shows.

Common examples would be banking websites or your streaming services.

All in all I would not want to get another VPN. Largely because NordVPN was so intuitive to install.

There would be a huge learning curve on another VPN, and I wouldn’t want the risk of not liking it after I had been using it for a while, only to switch back to NordVPN.

Related Questions

What devices will work with NordVPN?

NordVPN works on all devices that go through the internet. For instance, it can go through your NordVPN enabled router to get through your internet.

Specific devices that you can install NordVPN to include but are not limited to: Macs, PCs, iPhones, and Android phones.

Is NordVPN your recommended VPN?

By far. I have used multiple VPN services in the past that have been clunky and difficulty to operate. You can see my 1 year review of NordVPN as my favored VPN here.

It’s a good VPN and well rounded for everything you want a VPN to do. When it comes to privacy NordVPN is good for that. The same with streaming services while abroad.

One last thing that’s not often mention is it’s done for you VPN installation. In other words it’s not clunky to install so you can situated with a VPN quickly with it.

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