Can Netflix detect NordVPN?

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Can Netflix detect NordVPN?

If you’ve used any VPN service before, you’ve probably encountered an error from streaming sites that causes the service to stop. After some Googling you find that it’s because your VPN service was detected.

You may no longer be able to access that streaming service again with VPN enabled. But are all VPNs detected with all streaming services? I attempt to answer this more specifically.

Can Netflix detect NordVPN? Netflix does not recognize NordVPN as a VPN to be blocked for it’s streaming services. Streaming services like Netflix can continue to be watched using NordVPN. With over 5000 servers, NordVPN allows uninterrupted streaming or browsing for all platforms including Netflix.

I’ve been using NordVPN for over a year now. And have been to 7 countries with it and have had no issues streaming. It also works on all my hardware like my desktop computer, iPhone, and laptop.

It works with other devices of course, like Mac or Linux. Which is perfect, as I get to watch my shows and movies based on the country.

Netflix By Country

If you’ve done a lot of travelling with Netflix, you may be aware that the shows and movies available are based regionally.

For instance if you live in Dubai and take a trip to Costa Rica, you would realize that your options will change.

One, there would be less Arabic subtitles and more Spanish ones. But beyond subtitles, the movie and shows available will change more dramatically.

While travelling, you may get an urge to watch something based on your home country.

You don’t have to physically be in that country to watch that show. Instead, you can use a VPN service to have your watch preferences set to your home country.

Because some VPNs can be clunky, you may notice that previously stated error message from Netflix.

That error message will usually turn out to be your streaming service being incompatible with the VPN provider. That would normally put a damper to your streaming needs.

Fortunately NordVPN is not blocked for Netflix.

You can start watching your TV Shows and Movies just by opening the NordVPN application.

This will show you a global map and a pins that represent a country. By clicking on that pin, NordVPN will automatically connect you to the best possible server in that country.

It takes 20 seconds at most, and 2 seconds at the fastest for NordVPN to connect. However, this is largely based on the speed of your internet connection.

Once, NordVPN is connected to the country of preference, refresh or open up Netflix. You’ll see that what’s available will be the country you’re using NordVPN to connect to.

NordLynx is a Unique VPN Protocol

One of the most popular protocols for VPN services uses IKE connections. This stands for Internet Key Exchange.

It’s a very common standard among enterprise and consumer based VPN services. There is a pattern to how it forms a VPN and of course can be commonly detected by the process it uses.

NordVPN has all the options of a standard VPN protocol. But it also incroporates a unique protocol called NordLynx.

According to NordVPN’s website, NordLynx is built on WireGuard technology, so it provides fast internet speeds without compromising privacy.

This is maybe one of the reasons it is less detected while streaming Netflix.

Another reason is the 5000+ servers that NordVPN has.

5000+ VPN Servers

Netflix detects VPN servers by recognizing a pattern and creating flags for a location a streaming user is coming from.

Once this behavior is detected, Netflix will create this flag based on the IP address or server source. Whoever is watching Netflix from that location will then be stopped.

NordVPN has recognized the way Netflix detects VPN services and has built it’s servers to be able to pass this.

Using NordVPN’s 5000+ servers available, Netflix can be streamed without worrying that the VPN connection will be detected.

In the rare, and off chance this does happen, it is a quick minute fix. All you have to do is open up the NordVPN application again, and choose another server for the particular country you want to choose from.

The NordVPN application has that list on the left side as soon as you open it. Simply choose a server number, once connected, just refresh the Netflix page. And viola, you’re back to watching Netflix.

Netflix on Mobile Phones

Everyone wants to watch Netflix where they want. Whether it’s on a big monitor, TV Screen, or on the Mobile devices, Netflix can be watched using NordVPN.

Because NordVPN is compatible with mobile devices, desktops and routers, you can have a constant VPN connection.

I personally like to watch Netflix on my iPhone while laying in bed. You can access the NordVPN from Android and iPhone phones.

Like with desktops, you can choose the country you want to stream from. And as soon as you connect, open up your Netflix application, and you’re good to start streaming.

Related Questions

Can Hulu detect NordVPN?

Hulu is a lot like Netflix for NordVPN functionality and therefore can be used. For the most part Hulu is not detected by NordVPN. If it does, the fix is quick.

Simply choose another of the 5000+ available VPN servers NordVPN has. Once you re-connect, go back to Hulu and refresh the page. You’ll notice that the shows you want to see are up and available.

How to fix NordVPN Netflix Proxy Error?

A NordVPN Netflix proxy error is rare but can be fixed. You may have seen this issue while in the middle of watching Netflix. The good news is the quick is rather simple.

Open up the NordVPN application (this can be done through your mobile or desktop).

Once opened, you’ll see a list of servers with number associated, click on one of these servers. NordVPN will then connect to these servers.

When it does, open up Netflix on your app or browser again, and simply refresh. This will fix the NordVPN Netflix proxy errror.

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