Does NordVPN work on iPhones? Yes and…

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Does NordVPN work on iPhones?

NordVPN has been really great for me as I’ve connected the VPN over the past year. It works well on all of my devices. Which is handy because I like to stay tunneled or connected via a secure encrypted network.

When I’m inside my apartment on my desktop or out and about with my phone, I’m sure I have access to VPN services.

Does NordVPN work on iPhones? Yes. NordVPN does work on multiple platforms that include iPhones. This is useful as multiple devices can have NordVPN installed using one subscription. NordVPN combines both funcationality and license requirements to allow the use of VPN services on an iPhone device.

I know this from experience also. I find that my iPhone can be automatically connected via NordVPN while I’m out and about.

When I’m on it, I’ll be able to browse, or stream according to the location I have set the virtual VPN tunnel.

NordVPN Streaming on the iPhone

VPN services don’t always have the most flexibility in the way a user interacts with it to make sure they connect for use cases such as streaming. NordVPN is luckily an available option to have.

It allows multiple server options to choose from or switch to for streaming needs.

On the iPhone, the way to connect to a certain location to stream that location’s options is fairly simple.

All you have to do is open the installed NordVPN application, and select the pin location of that country. And viola you’re connected! It’s as simple as pie.

Here are some areas that you can use as your VPN location:

  • United Kingdom
  • Costa Rica
  • Germany
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Many More!

The list is actually so much longer than what I’ve described above. But I think you get the idea. With each country, the options for the internet increases.

For instance streaming services can open up a possibility of new TV shows and movies that you would originally be able to watch if you’re connected without a VPN.

If you’re wondering what list of streaming services will work using NordVPN here are some ideas:

  • Hulu
  • Prime Video
  • Many More Popular Streaming Services!

Feel comfortable that if you plop on your bed with your iPhone, you can just select the pin of the country you want to go to, and stream or browse accordingly!

NordVPN as an Easy iPhone Install

Not all VPNs have the same functionality or simplicity to install on your iPhone.

Because NordVPN allows you to use multiple devices on one subscription, you can easily install NordVPN on your iPhone without having to worry about needing multiple subscriptions.

Everything about NordVPN is intuitive, and this is especially so when you try and install it on devices like your iPhone.

Some VPN installs require that you conifgure IKE keys and other functions that you have too Google. This is not the case with NordVPN.

Your setup process with NordVPN to your iPhone will look like this:

  1. Open your App Store
  2. Find NordVPN
  3. Click the Install Button
  4. Once installed, open NordVPN
  5. Here you can Sign In, or Sign Up if you haven’t done so
  6. It will ask you to re-enter your iPhone pin, so NordVPN configures the tech automatically (key exchanges, etc)
  7. Then you just select the country’s pin you want to connect to

Easy. Peasy. Lemon squeezy.

After going through this process, you’re setup and configured to have encrypted traffic tunneling through the internet!

NordLynx on the iPhone for VPN

An additional feature that NordVPN has for the iPhone is a proprietary VPN protocol called NordLynx. 

NordVPN has only recently pushed this protocol out. You can use the normal protocols like IKEv2 (this maybe too much information). But NordVPN recommends NordLynx for a faster operation.

Once you install NordVPN from your app store, you will be asked if you’d like to switch the protocol to NordLynx. I switched my VPN protocol to NordLynx. And my internet is running smooth.

Usually the plus side for proprietary protocols is that because it is used less, there is a higher security feature. For instance it hasn’t had the time in market for it to be scrutinized by bad actors.

Connecting to a NordVPN Router

An alternative option for your iPhone is to connect through a NordVPN enabled router. You won’t even need to install the NordVPN app if you do this.

The catch is you have to be connected to the router. That’s usually not the most portable solution.

Your router will take up one of the six licenses allowed in your NordVPN subscription. However, the license do not count for the devices connected to your router.

For example if your router allows for 8 devices. The 8 devices can connect to the router and use NordVPN through that.

Your iPhone can tap VPN through your NordVPN enabled router without having the app installed. Plus you wouldn’t have to worry about using up an additional license, which should rarely be an issue anyways.

My recommendation is that mobile devices should have NordVPN installed on it. Just because it’s more portable than carrying a router around with you.

For instance what if you want to watch a show through NordVPN while in a coffee shop? Lugging around a router with you is not a trending fashion statement.

Related Questions

Is your iPhone slower with NordVPN?

My iPhone is not is not slower with NordVPN. There is no difference when I watch YouTube with NordVPN vs when I’m not using NordVPN.

The added bonus with VPN, is that my traffic is encrypted and my ISP doesn’t have a chance to log my data.

What protocols work with NordVPN for iPhone?

You really don’t need to worry about the different protocols. NordVPN will automatically configure this for you.

But if you feel like changing it, it is possible. NordVPN allows the iPhone to connect through a VPN using NordLynx, IKEv2 and other TCP and UDP based protocols.

Can you watch Netflix using your iPhone with NordVPN?

Yes Netflix can be watched on your iPhone using the NordVPN application. Although some application can be detected by some streaming services, NordVPN will fly by.

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