[1 Year of Use] Disney Plus Works on NordVPN


Does Disney Plus Work on NordVPN?

After a year of using NordVPN, I’ve decided that it is now part of my every day routine of being on the internet.

Because I have been traveling, NordVPN allows me to keep the same services I would have if I would be back home stateside.

That includes the use of streaming services that may be unavailable in some countries but is available in the United States. An example of that would be Disney Plus.

Disney Plus will stream regardless of current geographical area when connected to NordVPN. Certain locations might make streaming services like Disney Plus inaccessible. Thus a solution to this would be to use NordVPN to create a connection to one of their many US VPN servers.

Once you’ve made the connection via NordVPN, you can quickly spin up Disney Plus website and start watching the classics, or the new Star Wars. That works too.

Either way, you’ll have your entertainment available back on your monitor or other devices. If you’re curious enough to stick around I’ll explain what devices will work using NordVPN to watch Disney Plus.

Disney Plus and NordVPN Combo for Device Types

Personally, I like watching movies on my phone right before I go to bed. That means being able to have access to things like Hulu, and Disney Plus of course. It also helps if there’s no special configurations for access to these streaming platforms. NordVPN is just the fit for me.

I have the NordVPN client installed on my phone with a default setting to automatically connect. So when I crawl to bed, all I have to do is open up my Disney Plus app and start watching The Last Jedi or whatever movie I’m in the mood for.

There is no additional setup or configuring required on my end. With other VPN services, that’s not the case and it might be very well possible that there servers are flagged.

That means you have no alternative server to choose. NordVPN allows multiple servers even in the same country, so you’ll have options.

There’s obviously great benefits for having multiple servers as backups in order to watch Disney Plus. But will this amazing NordVPN also allow Disney Plus to work on multiple platforms?

The answer is yes. The following platforms have made it possible for NordVPN to work and stream Disney Plus:

  • Routers
  • Computer Desktops
  • Laptops
  • iPhones
  • Android Devices
  • etc

There you go. If you ever find yourself out of country, needing access to Disney Plus, just remember NordVPN can make you connect to the internet as if you were back in the states.


This effectively allows you continue watching a season you may have been previously watching.

NordVPN is easy to setup on any of these platforms. It works the same way for all:

  1. Make sure you login and have a subscription
  2. From whichever platform, download the NordVPN client. On the iPhone you can find this on the App Store, on Windows you can find this from NordVPN’s website, etc.
  3. Once you have downloaded the client, open it up.
  4. Log into the client.
  5. There will be a quick wizard that will walk you through and go through a brief tutorial.
  6. Choose the country you want to VPN into and click connect
  7. You’re now on a VPN connection.

You think it’s not that simple but it is. I’ve worked with other VPN clients, that would take a tremendous amount of time to look up on how to setup. NordVPN is incredibly intuitive.

I think that’s really one of my major draws into it as well as the ability to work on multiple devices.

What if Disney Plus does not work with NordVPN?

Occasionally, you may get a message or a code saying a streaming service may not be compatible while on a VPN.

Because NordVPN gives you the ability to choose different servers from the United States, this won’t be an issue.

The reason why these messages come up is because a certain server or IP address may be flagged by the streaming provider.

Once it’s flagged, the streaming provider won’t give you access.

To get around this IP address or a flagged server situation you can simply choose another server in that country. This is marked by a number for each server.

As long as you choose a different number you should be able to have remixed enough so that your new VPN connection will work fine.

So if you have Disney Plus and you just reconnected to another NordVPN server, all you need to do to get it working again is refresh the page.

As soon as it’s refreshed, your choices of streaming entertainment will again be available.

Related Questions

Will Disney Plus work on an iPhone?

Generally, watching Disney Plus is not an issue. However if you travel abroad to another country, your service maybe limited.

A solution to get Disney Plus to work is to use multi server VPN solution like NordVPN.

This allows streaming services to be unblocked such as that of Disney Plus’ services.

Is NordVPN safe?

NordVPN is a safe and privacy oriented company.

The VPN is trusted among many people and allows your information and transaction to be shared from your local Internet Service Provider.

It enables privacy back to the user.

Are there even good shows on Disney Plus?

Yes of course. Remember the classics? Disney Plus has your nostalgia capture in one website. It also has the new releases of Star Wars I kept mentioning in this article.

You can binge watch Disney all you want now. With the help of NordVPN you can keep watching it while you’re abroad in another country.

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