VPN AVG Review

VPN AVG Review


  • VPN AVG provides a small network that may be ideal for beginners.
  • The service poses limitations to users outside of Europe and North America. 
  • AVG keeps logs.

A virtual private network (VPN) comes with the benefit of offering users privacy that they do not ordinarily experience with peer-to-peer connections.

The best services provide incredible levels of protection along with fair amounts of accessibility. VPN AVG stands up to the rest when it comes to safety, accessibility, and speed.

There are, however, some limitations to the service of which users should be aware of which this VPN AVG review will speak. 


Evaluating the efficiency of a server is more about quality and less a matter of quantity. Some of the cheapest services do not provide the protection needed to safely enjoy life online.

By the same token, the most expensive service in the industry does not automatically equal superior quality. 

When evaluating AVG VPN, it was determined that the price of the service matches the quality.

Consumers receive basic protection for a minimal rate. Buyers also receive a fair amount of diversity in terms of location for the amount they pay in subscription fees every month. 

One significant limitation that makes AVG VPN inferior to others in the market is its lack of accessibility in terms of safety. Consumers must purchase additional software made by the company to feel completely safe.

Such should not be the case when a product is advertised as providing standard security that the average person should expect from a VPN. Nevertheless, AVG VPN stands in the same class as other basic servers.


AVG VPN maintains safety by doing the following:

  • Collecting a username from the consumer that he or she creates;
  • Creating a timestamp whenever a user connects or disconnects from the service;
  • Keeping a record of the amount of data transmitted during the service period;
  • Keeping a record of the IP address used to connect to the system. 

Some have criticized AVG’s security measures because of the company’s tendency to maintain timestamps.

Anonymity is crucial when trying to bypass Netflix and Hulu restrictions. Still, the timestamp may be beneficial in a number of ways.

A timestamp provides a concise time at which point a person has signed on and off the system. This type of record-keeping is essential when there is more than one person using the service.

Usernames also help to distinguish when there is more than one user. 

Keeping a record of data transmission is admittedly more intrusive than most VPN servers that offer consumers the benefit of complete anonymity. 

VPN AVG is, therefore, not the best service for those who want absolute security.


Accessibility is another area where some consumers complain of AVG falling behind. The network offers 50 servers in 36 countries.

This is not a vast network, given the fact that some of the top servers provide upwards of 1,000 servers globally. 

European and North American users have fair access to AVG. Those who live outside of these regions, however, should prepare for limited accessibility and speed. 

AVG VPN comes with Wi-Fi access, which makes it the ideal choice for use with smartphones and tablets. Those with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems may gain full access to the platform. 

Another area where AVG soars is in the field of overall ease of use. The system’s interface is ideal for beginners who need to find the simplest way to connect to a good VPN network.

AVG is also great for business owners who travel a lot. The Wi-Fi feature works exceptionally well in North American and European airports. 


Consumers should not expect much in terms of speed when they choose AVG.

The network has the ability to unblock Netflix and other streaming services. Such a process, however, tends to be more time-consuming given the limited number of servers offered to customers. 

European consumers may only have one peer-to-peer server per location. Those in North America, specifically the United States, may have up to three servers at work for them per location. 

The limited number of servers slows down the system’s speed capabilities to the degree of AVG VPN being the ideal choice for occasional use.

The notion of using this platform every day and for large projects is not the most desirable circumstance. 

Pros and Cons

In the end, AVG VPN offers the following advantages:

  • The ability to unblock Netflix and other streaming services;
  • Timestamps for business owners;
  • Overall security

On the other side of the spectrum are the disadvantages that come with the service, which include:

  • Limited accessibility due to few servers;
  • Data collection and username requirements that take away the element of anonymity; 
  • Slower speeds due to fewer servers.

It is important to note that AVG VPN does not work in China. Such a restriction is another negative aspect of the service. 

Should you choose AVG VPN?

You should consider AVG if you are a beginner in the world of VPN. The network offers an easy-to-use interface that provides the basic security that you need to connect to the Internet. 

You may reconsider using AVG if you need more advanced features, such as a kill switch option, to maintain the integrity of your connection. AVG is not the ideal choice if you live outside of Europe or North America.

You may also find the network unflattering if you are looking for a network that lets you keep full anonymity while using the service. The timestamps are not designed for such activity. 

There is the matter of Wi-Fi connectivity, though. AVG VPN is accessible in most airports in the United States, which means that you can safely connect to the Internet while in between flights. 

You may not find AVG VPN desirable if you are looking to get advanced features in one package. The network requires users to purchase software upgrades after providing the basics at a minimal cost.

You can, however, depend on AVG VPN to ultimately provide a safe space for you to log onto the Internet in coffee shops and other public places.

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