PS4 Proxy Server (Solution)

PS4 Proxy Server (Solution)

PlayStation 4 or PS4 is one of the widely used gaming consoles across the world. It offers many excellent features, such as a large library of games, and the opportunity to connect to the internet. As a PS4 owner, here’s a quick question; have you ever experienced internet issues when trying to connect and play online with your friends?

Having gone through several different social media platforms and forums, one of the problems that most PS4 owners often encounter is the proxy server issue. If you’re also experiencing this issue, you need to keep your mind at rest, as you’re not alone in it.

For you to successfully set up a proxy server for PS4, the first thing you need is the IP address of your device. After getting the internet protocol address, the next thing is to proceed and assign the proxy server for the PlayStation 4 Console.

What is a proxy server? Why is proxy server important for PS4? How exactly can you successfully set up a proxy server for PS4? You’ll find answers to these questions and many more as you continue reading through this post. So, without further ado, let’s get straight down to business.

What You Need to Know about Proxy Servers and Their Importance to PS4?

What is a proxy server?

In computer networking, a proxy server is an application that offers a gateway between users and the internet. The server primarily helps to translate traffic between networks.

Here’s a brief explanation of how a proxy server works:

  • First, you need to understand that a proxy server is a machine that sits somewhere on the internet.
  • Furthermore, the server has its internet protocol address, which of course, your device recognizes.
  • So, as soon as you roll out a request from your web browser, it first goes to the proxy server.
  • Upon receiving your request, the proxy server will forward it to the Web server, requesting it on your behalf.
  • As soon as the proxy server receives the response to your request from the web server, it immediately forwards it to your web page.

With this explanation, it’s safe to say that a proxy server acts as an intermediary between the client’s computer and the Web server.

What is the importance of a proxy server for PS4?

Now that you’ve gotten a clearer picture of how a proxy server functions, here’s a quick question; why is the server important for PlayStation 4?

As a gamer, there are tons of benefits attached to having your PS4 set up with a proxy server.

  • Excellent Uptime

One of the advantages of the server is that it provides a great Uptime – this is necessary for a better gaming experience. In case you don’t know, Uptime is the amount of time the proxy server stays active without any network issues. 

Furthermore, it takes a very reliable proxy server to enjoy the best Uptime. And with the best uptime, you can always rest assured of a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

  • Reliable internet speed

Internet speed is one of the most important factors that influence every gaming experience. Without a good internet connection, there’s no way you can enjoy your game.

So, another reason why it’s important to set up a reliable proxy server for your PS4 is that it offers a faster internet connection. No doubt, all servers don’t offer the same features and all. However, with a good server, you should achieve an internet speed of 1GBps.

  • Gain access to blocked sites

You need to understand that there’s a limit to the number of sites you can access without assigning a proxy server for your PS4. Of course, this is very true, as most sites often restrict access because of location and several other reasons. Here’s where you’ll find a proxy server pretty much handy.

With a reliable proxy server assigned for your PS4, you can always access blocked gaming sites. The server tends to hide your identity and location as you visit the websites.

How to Set Up Your PS4 With a Reliable Proxy Server?

Now that you know the benefits attached to using a proxy server for your PlayStation 4, what next? All you need is to set up the gaming console with the right proxy server and start enjoying the goodies that come with it.

To add a proxy server to your PS4PS4, here are a few simple steps that you can follow:

Use the right IP address

For you to successfully set up your PS4 with a proxy server, you need the IP address of your device.

  • If you’re using a personal computer, the first thing you need to do to find the IP address is to go to the Run tab of the device. From there, type and enter cmd. After that, you’ll see a command prompt screen display. Furthermore, on the command prompt, proceed by typing and entering ipconfig/all. This time, you’ll see the IP address of your device.
  • If you’re using a Mac device, all you need to do is go to Apple Menu. From there, locate and open “System preferences.” Next, you need to find and click on the “Network preference” menu. Lastly, look to the right side of the page, you’ll see the IP address.
  • For mobile device users, open the “Settings” app, locate and click on the “About phone” option. Next, click on “Status” to view your IP address.

Assign a proxy server for your PS4

We are halfway from successfully setting up a proxy server for your PS4. The final stage is where you’ll have to assign the proxy server. To do that, follow the straightforward steps below:

  • Start by switching on your PlayStation 4.
  • Next, go to Settings and choose “Network selection.”
  • What type of connection are you planning to use? Wi-Fi or LAN? So, choose your preferred connection type.
  • Then, choose “custom option”, go to DHCP and set its host name as “Do Not Specify.”
  • Next, go to the DNS field and set it as automatic.
  • Also, choose automatic for the MTU settings.
  • After that, you’ll see a new display asking you to choose an option for your proxy server. All you need in this stage is to set it as the “Use” option.
  • Next, copy your IP address and paste it right at the appropriate field on the Proxy Server page. Also, set up the port as 8080 for Mac and 6588 for your PC.
  • Lastly, click next to save the setup and that’s all. Start enjoying the internet connection on your PS4.

Why Does Your PS4 Keep Asking For a Proxy Server?

If your PS4 keeps asking for a proxy server, it’s most likely that the server is not properly set up for your console. I’ll advise you to re-configure the PS4 using the right parameters, as stated above.

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