How to Hide My Texts in Bill History?

How to Hide My Texts in Bill History?

Texting has been a staple of communication for decades now. Some might consider the method archaic even. Despite that, so many people send texts to their loved ones every day. And not all of them are comfortable with their texts showing up on their bill. So, the question is, how do you prevent this from happening? 

You can use apps such as CoverMe or Texting Shield to prevent your texts from showing up on your bill. These apps provide a separate number that your phone company cannot trace. Alternatively, you can use free services like messenger or WhatsApp to send your texts discreetly. 

With the internet and mobile communication becoming so readily accessible, our privacy is at constant risk. The majority of the time, people want their texts and phone calls to be between just them and the receiver. 

And in this article, we will present you with some options to keep your text safe from any third party. You can implement any of these methods and chat with other people freely. 

Using Apps that Hide Your Texts 

Whenever we use the internet or other means of telecommunication to connect with one another, we leave behind a digital footprint. This footprint can be easily accessed by your internet service provider or your mobile network provider. 

Similar to phone calls, the text messages you send with your mobile phone are recorded by the phone company you are subscribed to. And at the end of each month, that text is added to a list and billed to your address as part of the phone bill. Now, for various reasons, there is no way to stop your phone company from tracking these things. 

But what you can do, is use an on your phone that will mask your phone number and the text you send. The person receiving the message will still be able to read it clearly. But the exact text and the number that you sent it to will remain hidden.  

6 Best Apps for Hiding Texts 

Many such apps provide this sort of service. And a lot of them will also offer unlimited free messaging, provided you sign up for their app. So, we have compiled the best of them and created this list. If you want complete privacy during texting, you can try out any of the following products: 

Texting Shield 

This is a popular choice for many people looking to hide their phone activities. Texting shield provides their user with a disposable number. Users can send and receive text messages through this number. And at the end of the day, those texts do not appear on your bill history. 

When using a texting shield, you are not limited to sending simple text messages only. You can even send multimedia messages (MMS) where you can input images and videos. All you need to benefit from this service is Wi-Fi. 


Cover Me 

Cover Me is an app that hides your texts as well as your phone number. So, no record of such texts appears on your phone bill. 

But that is not all. This app also allows you to make anonymous phone calls and send encrypted messages. You can also send disappearing messages that delete themselves once the receiver has read them. You can even recall messages that you have sent by accident.  


Pinger allows you to send and receive texts over the internet. So, you will need a stable Wi-Fi or cellular data connection when you are using this app. Once you sign up, you can send unlimited messages within 35 different countries for free.  

In addition to messages, you can even call anonymously. Since all the activity happens within the safe confines of this app, your mobile activities will not show up on the final billing. 

Mask My Number 

As the name suggests, this app hides your real phone number with a different set of alphanumeric IDs. Of course, this alternate number looks similar to a real phone number, effectively fooling anyone trying to peer in. 


Just like texting shields, Hushed also generates a unique number for you that is completely untraceable. The number you get matches the area code you are in, so it is very reliable. You can even operate multiple lines through this app. 

Furthermore, you get unlimited messaging services if you are in the USA, UK, or Canada. You can select between a prepaid and a pay-as-you-go plan, both of which are very flexible. Once again, none of this information will appear on your bills. 


You are perhaps familiar with burner phones from watching tv shows and movies, especially ones where crime is a big part. Well, the Burner app takes that concept and applies anonymity to your phone calls and texts. But it is far less expensive. 

The app intercepts your texts and then routes them to your device. So, no one else can view your actual number.  

Social Media Apps 

If using a disposable number to fool your phone company does not sit right with you, there is a different option available. That option comes in the form of various social media platforms such as Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. 

These are online-based platforms, meaning they are not categorized the same way as your phone calls and texts. Instead, these pieces of information are stored separately on supercomputers that house terabytes of data. 

Since they are not considered registered numbers, your activities on these platforms will not impact your bills. Rather your billing will only show you the total data (online data) usage and charge you for that. The only way to see the texts and other data is to acquire your account and directly check it. 

We all value some degree of privacy in our lives. And for many that privacy extends to the texts and phone calls they make. The options we presented in this article should help you achieve that level of discretion. 

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