How To Change Location on Bumble?

How To Change Location on Bumble?

Bumble is a location-based platform for dating and those seeking to make new friends on Bumble BFF or a new business mentor on Bumble Bizz. Bumble is a great way to find and connect with the people in your area. But, how do you change your location?

Even though the Bumble app has many new exciting features, users are normally restricted based on their present location. However, you can change your location using a VPN and access premium services available in select countries. 

Bumble members often wish to change their location to access new profiles and get more matches. This article provides you with a procedure on how to change your location on Bumble using a VPN. 

How To Change Location on Bumble Using VPN?

Unlike on Tinder, Bumble Boost will allow you to see all the people who liked you, let the expiry of your matches extended, and even your lost connections rematched, but it can’t give you the freedom to change your location. 

Users can set their locations on travel mode. Still, this feature is only available for premium users, and only people located in Germany, the USA, Canada, and France who own Android devices can buy them using Bumble coins. 

If you disable your GPS, Bumble will detect your current location using the IP address of your device. That is the reason why you’ll need a VPN to trick Bumble location smartly. 

Step 1 – Install a VPN on your Device

The type of VPN you choose to install on your device should guarantee security and privacy. To determine whether a VPN provider meets these criteria is simple. There are two core VPN operational features and two technical ones that a secure VPN should provide. 

The two technical features a VPN should have are encrypting DNS addresses and complete content-encryption while operationally, there should be no reselling of user data. The logs of VPN users should be restricted to performance issues.      

Step 2 – Connect to VPN

You need to connect to a VPN on your device before you can start Bumble. In a situation where you are using your phone, you need to open your phone’s Settings app, tap network and internet, then click on advanced, then click VPN. 

You will be required to create your account by entering your username and a password, then tapping, connecting. The moment you are connected, you will see a VPN on. You may be required to buy an active subscription to use VPN services. While you are connected, you can select any country and start/stop the VPN service. 

Step 3 – Login to Bumble

You can log in to Bumble on the web or by downloading the Bumble app. On the app, there will be two options. You can either login in on the Facebook App with email or using your phone number. Existing users will be directed to the same profile they see on the mobile app, but you can set up your profile for any of the three modes on Bumble Web if you are a new user.

Step 4 – Turn off Geolocation.

Bumble needs to know your location so it can help you with potential matches in your area. It could potentially show you matches hundreds or thousands of miles away if it didn’t know where you are. That may not help you find a date and could put you off using the app. Your device’s GPS allows Bumble to pinpoint your location. 

If the GPS is disabled, Bumble uses information from both your ISP and your router to pinpoint where you are in the world. When trying to set your location, Bumble uses your GPS first and, secondly, your WiFi settings. This allows you to fake your location by turning GPS off and using a VPN service, then selecting an endpoint server in a city you want to appear to be in.

Can you Hide your Location using GPS Spoofer?

Without jailbreaking, GPS spoofing apps allow you to spoof and change the location of your iOS device. This app will enable you to teleport or enter any location in the world. It takes just one click. Apart from teleporting, you can simulate GPS movement. To fake a location without jailbreaking your phone, you require a third-party tool for making changes to backup files called iBackupBot. 

To be on the safe side, you should first create a primary backup of your unmodified system. This is done using customized routes and different speeds with manual and automatic movements. Having a GPX GPS spoofing app allows you to import and extract the relevant information. Below is the procedure for using a GPS spoofer. 

  • Change the GPS location of Bumble to any country/city of your choice on iOS devices.
  • Fake GPS movement along a pre-determined path with customized speed.
  • You can pause your route anytime, anywhere you want to make a move look more natural.


Location is an essential part of how dating apps work, and this may make it difficult to turn location off. Requesting for your location to be changed manually will result in it being changed permanently. There are ways around it, but none are promised to work because the app developers are continually shifting the goalposts. 

GPS spoofing apps that can track your location are available on the market, but dating apps are becoming wiser and eventually block some of them. You have to be more careful on these GPS spoofing apps as not all of them work. A good VPN provider will have a list of their servers’ locations, which enables you to check before you can buy. 

Most of them have a free trial of up to 14 days because their servers’ locations give you the freedom to try before you buy. 

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