Whoer VPN Review

Whoer VPN Review

Whoer VPN Review

I hate to be a fly in the ointment, but I’m a guy who likes good products and despises those that claim to be something they are not. 

It’s for this reason that I wanted to try Whoer VPN, which seemed to be pretty promising, so I tried it and got opinions from several of my geeky friends.

Whenever I do a review, I like to make sure, first of all, that the product is not only safe, but easy to use.  I tested it for several days to make sure it lived up to its billing as well as my expectations.

The first thing that struck me in my evaluation is that Whoer VPN does not offer a money-back guarantee.  This is different than most everyone else on the market. 

How does Whoer VPN stand up to Netflix?  Yes, but it has limited server coverage, so you can only unblock the streaming services in 16 countries. 

Whoer VPS will allow you to get back geoblocks, but with the relatively small number of servers limit how many countries you can get, not to mention whether it will unblock them. 

I could unblock BBC iPlayer and I could watch a show on Videoland. 

Unfortunately, once you bypass the server network, you can’t access any streaming sites, which stands to reason.  If you want to reach outside of the server, there are obviously some you can’t reach. 

What About Support Torrenting?

I was able to get Whoer VPN to reach P2P connections, but only on servers in the Ukraine, Russia and the Netherlands. 

I was unable to use Whoer VPN for P2P.  It is too slow for high speed torrenting.  It’s impossible to download any files that are larger than usual, and even with smaller files, it can take quite a bit of time.

Speed Tests

When you use a VPN, speeds normally slow down.  That’s given.  After all, your data needs to go further than usual when there is a VPN server involved in the process. 

Further, it takes time for the encryption to take place as well as the decoding of your data.  

The best way to rectify this problem is to connect with a local server, but with servers in only 16 countries, Whoer VPN that is not always easy to do. 

It’s often a good idea to connect with a server in another country to compare your base speed.  To do this, I had to turn off other services that would slow down my connection.

Regardless of what I tried, however, my speed dropped or increased with a number of different efforts, which is not good, although not surprising. 

This is especially true since the documentation clearly states that its Netherlands server offers just 1Mbps at best.  


Tops on the minds of nearly anyone who runs a VPN product is security.  How secure is my data?  In this regard, WhoerVPN does double duty with activation of its double VPN setting which, in effect, encrypts your data twice. 

Double VPN also routes your traffic through a second server, which improves the quality.  This app also offers you the ability to choose which servers you want to use with the app.

Kill Switch

Another cool feature that WhoerVPN offers s a kill switch, which is embedded in the app.  You have to manually activate it on the first try, but it’s there when you need it.  It does not do this automatically.

Leaks Protection

Another important part of any VPN is leak protection, the reliability that your CNS and AP addresses aren’t scattered with each use.  Fortunately, I found myself pleasantly surprised with what Whoer VPN offered. 

I connected with the Netherlands server and found that neither of my data was leaked.  It gave me a IPv4 address.  It also blocked IPv6 and my DNS requests routed correctly.


WhoerVPN is a Cyprus based firm, so it is outside of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance.  As a result, it is not required to provide records to anyone, including government surveillance agencies.

Another issue I had with WhoerVPN is that it does not offer an ad blocker.  It does, however, work with several extensions and their ability to block ads. 

WhoerVPN Logging Policy

WhoerVPN has a strict no logging policy, which it enforces.  The company is very transparent in this regard.

It uses only third-party payment processors and does not store any of your payment details.  You should check with your third parties about their policies.

Server Network

WhoerVPN has a network of servers in 16 countries.  It does not, however, disclose how many servers are active in each country.

Compatibility, Apps and Browser Extensions

WhoerVPN offers apps for Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Android, macOS and Windows.  The good news in all of this is that the interfaces for all of these is quite nice and easy to use. 

They are simple and easy to navigate.  Everything is right there for the asking. 

You flip switches and you are directed to where you want to go. The only disappointment, as pointed out earlier, is that the Kill Switch was not activated. 

You need to do that yourself, which seems to be a drawback to anyone who might not be as familiar as others in the way these operate.


Browsers are very easy to use with WhoerNVP.  You just click on what you want and you get it.  After you have established a customization, you’re finished with it.


You cannot use WhoerNVP with routers.  If you want to connect devices you can use it directly, but you can only use three at a time.


Whoer VPN does not offer an online ticketing service method.  Instead, you need to submit a ticket via the website, which is fine since it gives you time to test their response time. 

It’s a little deceptive, however, since the interface looks like a live chat.

All Things Told

It’s easy to pick a service apart, which si not my intent here.  Instead, I wanted to offer a fair and honest review.  That said, WhoerVPN is a deent, middle-of-the-road service. 

The biggest problem with it, however, is that there are plenty of other and better services. 

There are admirable features such as encryption, good apps, and others, but there are services that not only offer more, but better as well. 

You might decide to buy WhoerVPN, but beware.  There will be better coming to your notice very soon.

Mark Lewis

Security nerd with a Data Privacy First mindset!

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