NordVPN Vs PureVPN

NordVPN Vs PureVPN

Over recent years, the internet and the online world have grown to such a huge extent that virtually everyone engages in a particular online activity at some point in time.

The internet has created such a craze all over the world that more and more people are becoming accustomed to this new way of things. But while this is a good thing, the online world has come with its fair share of cybersecurity threats. This is why VPNs have become popular.

NordVPN is by far a better VPN service provider than PureVPN. It has better features and capabilities and provides the best overall user experience to users. It has amazing privacy policies, security protocols, and speeds that give users the best online security solutions.

If you’re reading this, then you know we have so much in store for you. We’re going to put these two VPN services in a head to head battle.

We will compare their features and capabilities under several categories and see which one of them will come out on top. In the end, we will declare the overall winner which will be the VPN we recommend.


You might not be a cybersecurity expert or a VPN aficionado but there’s a huge chance that at some point in time you’ve come across NordVPN.

This is no surprise considering it’s one of the most established and popular VPN services out there. It has grown to become a mammoth of a VPN provider, competing favorably with some of the best VPN services out there.

It was founded in 2012 and ever since then, it has been providing users all around the world with reliable online security solutions that are unmatched in the business.

It has accrued millions of subscribers since then and it’s still on the rise. The best thing about it is that it keeps up with the industry’s development, improving and introducing new features that give the best to users.

It has built quite the name for itself, boasting of foolproof and airtight credibility which has made it one of the most trusted and popular VPNs. This makes it stand out from the pack.

It also has some of the best features and capabilities that any user could ever hope for. What’s even better is that it can be accessed from anywhere on earth.

It’s one of the most highly encrypted networks. It brags of a military-grade encryption protocol that is impregnable even by the very best of hackers. It also has other additional security features. So with NordVPN, the security of your data is always assured.

NordVPN also has a strict zero-logs policy. The company has had several audits carried out which have verified that it’s fully compliant with its zero-logs policy.

Most VPNs claim that they keep no logs but this is usually not the case. But since NordVPN has a proven zero-logs policy, it is a good VPN if you are concerned about privacy.

It is located in Panama which is outside some of the major jurisdictions like the 5, 9, and 14 Eyes Alliances. Panama has no logging laws so NordVPN isn’t legally required to keep user logs. This ensures privacy, security, and anonymity.

Therefore with NordVPN, you are guaranteed the best privacy, security, and performance. Some of its pros and cons are:

Pros of NordVPN

·       It has amazing and stable speeds that work well for all manner of online activities.

·       It has one of the largest server networks in the industry.

·       It has the best security features and exceptional encryption protocols.

·       It has a proven no-logs policy and a suitable jurisdiction.

·       It has amazing customer support through live chat, email, and text.

·       It is good for a whole range of online activities like torrenting, streaming, browsing, and others.

Cons of NordVPN

·       It’s a little bit pricey for some users.

·       Some of its servers have fluctuating speeds.

·       Some servers don’t support torrenting.


If you’re reading this you’re probably looking for a great VPN service that fits all your needs. There’s a huge possibility that you haven’t heard of PureVPN. We don’t fault you for that. PureVPN has always been one of the most overlooked VPN services in the world.

Surprisingly though, PureVPN is a solid VPN service. It’s a premium service with great functionality and impressive user suitability.  It protects the web traffic of its users from malicious threats and offers additional security features that provide the best protection you could ever wish for.

So even though you haven’t heard of it, PureVPN is certainly worth your consideration.

It’s one of the forebears of the industry and was founded in 2007. Since then it has been providing all its users with the best online security. It’s located in Hong Kong China.

Just like NordVPN, PureVPN has some of the industry’s top security features and protocols. These ensure that the data of users is safe and secure whenever they are online.

It’s therefore impossible for third parties like the government and hackers to get access to users’ information.  Therefore, if you require a VPN service with top-notch security, PureVPN is a good choice.

It has a large server network and offers users amazing speeds that support several online activities like streaming, torrenting, browsing, among others. It’s also quite affordable for the range of features it offers.

One of the major gray areas of PureVPN is its unclear privacy policy. Just like all other VPNs, it claims that it doesn’t monitor, track, collect, or keep user logs.

The problem is that this claim has never been verified. PureVPN has had several privacy issues in the past and this, therefore, makes it hard to trust the service.

Its jurisdiction is also a bit dodgy since it’s based in China which isn’t at all famous for its privacy laws.

But despite this, PureVPN still gives top performance and good online security solutions to its users. So don’t write it off just yet. Some of its pros and cons include:

Pros of PureVPN

·       It has a good server count and distribution around the world.

·       It has amazing security features and protocols.

·       It’s affordable for the range of features it offers.

·       It has decent speeds for all manner of online activities.

·       It’s easy to use.

·       It has wide platform support.

Cons of PureVPN

·       It has a dodgy privacy policy.

·       Connection to some servers may be an issue.

·       At times speeds may be slow and unstable.

NordVPN vs PureVPN: Which One Is Better?

To be clear, both NordVPN and PureVPN are excellent VPN services. But just like all other companies, they have different features that they bring to the table.

This accounts for the difference in their performance. So one of them is bound to be a better choice than the other, and that is exactly what we will try to demystify in this article.

They both claim to have the best security features, privacy policies, prices, speeds, and overall performance than all other VPNs. But which is the best choice?

We’ll put them against each other and analyze the features mentioned above to determine which one among them is the top choice. So read on and prepare to get enlightened!

1. Pricing

When choosing a VPN, one of the major considerations is the price. Different VPN services offer different pricing plans. Each of these VPNs offers its prices based on the range of features that they offer.

So when comparing VPNs, one is always bound to come out on top as the best budget-friendly choice with a range of features. A good VPN choice will always have an affordable plan, with a variety of features.

The good news is that both NordVPN and PureVPN are reasonably priced for the features they offer.

NordVPN has a 1-month, 6-month, and 2-year plan. The long-term plans are a bit cheaper. The 1-month plan is $11.95 per month, the 6-month plan is $9 per month and the 2-year plan is $5.75 per month. This is a good deal considering the features it offers.

PureVPN on the other hand has a 1-month, 1-year, and 2-year plan. The 1-month plan is $10.95, the 1-year is $5.83 per month, and the 2-year plan is $3.71 per month. This is a better deal than NordVPN.

So in this category, PureVPN wins.

6-month$9 per month
1-year$5.83 per month
2-year$3.71 per month$3.33 per month

2. Server network

One of the most important parameters to consider when choosing a VPN is its server network. The number and distribution of servers worldwide play a huge role in the performance of a VPN.

One of the most common occurrences in most VPN servers is overcrowding. When you connect to such servers, you get a slow connection that isn’t stable. This is a huge headache. The best VPN choice will always have a large server network with no overcrowding.

Server distribution is also another important consideration. The best VPN will have a good server distribution all around the world. This gives users a wide variety of server locations to choose from. One can therefore find the best server for their location.

Under this category, NordVPN is the undisputed champion. It has one of the largest server networks in the business. It boasts of 5500+ servers in 60+ countries.

PureVPN on the other hand has 2000+ servers in 140+ countries. Note that PureVPN has better coverage. The only problem is that PureVPN is more prone to crowding than NordVPN.

So the winner is NordVPN.

Server count5500+2000+
Server locations60+140+

3. Speeds

Truthfully speaking, one of the most important things to all people online is speed. No one wants terrible speeds that render online activities impossible. It’s quite frustrating. We all prefer having fast speeds that are stable no matter our location on earth and the time of day.

The stark reality, however, is that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have a bad habit of throttling speeds. They throttle the connections of users and give off slow speeds that are unstable and don’t support most online activities. This poses a huge problem for most people.

You need not worry, however. This is where VPNs come in handy. VPNs work by encrypting all your online traffic and passing it through an encrypted tunnel that is inaccessible to ISPs. This makes it impossible for them to throttle speeds.

Therefore, with a good VPN service, you will always get some of the best speeds no matter where you are in the world. VPNs with good server coverage are notoriously good at providing fast and stable speeds.

There’s a clear winner when it comes to speed. So to determine which VPN is the best, we conducted speed tests.

We kicked it off by connecting to servers in the UK. NordVPN recorded speeds of 165Mbps. PureVPN on the other hand recorded slow speeds of 48Mbps.

We then connected to servers in the U.S. NordVPN recorded speeds of 160Mbps. PureVPN recorded speeds of 61Mbps.

We also connected to servers in Germany. NordVPN recorded speeds of 155Mbps while PureVPN recorded speeds of 58Mbps.

So in terms of speed, NordVPN is the clear winner. There are several reasons for this. One of them is that it has a larger server network. The other is that NordVPN has a WireGuard protocol (NordLynx) which is currently the fastest protocol there is.

NordVPN is the winner in this category.

Server locationNordVPNPureVPN
WireGuard protocolYesNo

4. Security

The online world has become a popular place. Day in day out it is crowded with lots of people and because of this, it has become a hub for hackers and other malicious cybercriminals.

For this reason, VPNs are an essential tool for all internet users to protect them from these threats. So at this point, a VPN for online security is a no-brainer.

VPNs work by encrypting our online traffic and therefore making it impossible for online threats to access our data and launch an attack against us.

A good VPN will always have a secure network with numerous security features and protocols that are uncrackable. It will also have additional features just in case users need it. A VPN with excellent security features is therefore important.

In this category, both VPNs perform favorably well. Both of them have a military-grade AES-256 bit encryption with additional OpenVPN protocol.

They also have Killswitch protection and DNS/IP leak protection. These are the basic protection measures but don’t be fooled, they are still impregnable.

What differentiates the two is that NordVPN goes the extra mile. It has DoubleVPN, Onion over VPN, WireGuard, Cybersec, and Obfuscated servers. These provide additional security.

So NordVPN wins in this category.

Security featureNordVPNPureVPN
AES-256 bit encryptionYesYes
Killswitch protectionYesYes
DNS/IP leak protectionYesYes
Onion over VPNYesNo
Obfuscated serversYesNo

5. Logging policies, Jurisdiction, and Privacy

Privacy has become a major concern for most people. With spying becoming so prominent, we all desire to remain anonymous whenever online to safeguard our privacy. This is why VPNs are so important.

Logging policies determine whether a VPN service tracks, collects, and stores user data. While most VPNs claim to have a strict no-logs policy, very few can back this claim up. The jurisdiction of a VPN also determines whether it is legally required to keep users’ logs.

A good VPN for privacy will have amazing security features, a proven no-logs policy, and a favorable jurisdiction.

NordVPN checks all these boxes. To start, it has excellent security protocols. It has amazing privacy policies. It’s no logs policy has been verified by third-party auditing companies making it reliable.

It’s also located in Panama which doesn’t legally require VPNs to keep logs. So NordVPN is an excellent choice for privacy.

PureVPN on the other hand is a little dodgy. It has a vague privacy policy. It claims it doesn’t keep any logs but this has never been proven.

It’s jurisdiction in China which isn’t a good location for privacy since users’ data can be seized by government entities. It has also had some privacy issues in the past, being accused of violating users’ privacy.

So in this category, NordVPN is the undisputed winner.

Proven no-logs policyYesNo

6.    Streaming.

VPNs are quite essential when streaming. First of all, they protect people from cyber-attacks. Secondly, most streaming services geo-restrict their content to certain locations. VPNs work to unblock these restrictions so people can watch their favorite shows no matter where they are on earth.

NordVPN can unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, and others more. It has excellent speeds that support streaming without buffering.

PureVPN can unblock Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and others. Its speeds are slower than NordVPN.

In this category, NordVPN wins.

Streaming ServiceNordVPNPureVPN
Amazon PrimeYesYes
BBC iPlayerYesNo

7. Torrenting

VPNs are essential when torrenting because they protect people from cyberattacks. This is because torrenting and file sharing are quite risky. A good VPN for torrenting will have top speeds to support the sharing and downloading of large files.

It will also have dedicated P2P servers that are only for torrenting purposes. In addition to this, it will have excellent security features.

NordVPN has all of these. One huge plus is that it has dedicated P2P servers which PureVPN doesn’t. It also has better speeds and security features than PureVPN.

NordVPN is therefore the best choice for torrenting. So it wins in this category.

Dedicated P2P serversYesNo

All in all, NordVPN is a better choice for all your online activities. It outmatches PureVPN in a whole lot of areas. NordVPN is therefore recommended. 

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