Is Tunnelbear Good for Torrenting?

Is Tunnelbear Good for Torrenting?

Torrenting is increasingly becoming popular. Despite the several technological advancements and competition from other web service providers, it remains to be seen as the top file-sharing platform. You can share just about any type of document.

It doesn’t matter if you intend to share a song, movie, or a file, torrenting can do it all. You can use torrenting to download content from websites too!

Tunnelbear has proved to be a leading giant as Canada’s leading VPN provider. It’s owned by the popular security giant McAfee. But how good is Tunnelbear for torrenting?

Tunnelbear is good for torrenting. It has good speeds that support torrenting. It also has numerous security features that ensure your safety when torrenting. Its servers support p2p traffic thus making torrenting flawless.

In this article, we will discuss whether Tunnelbear is good for torrenting. So read on to find out more.

Is Tunnelbear Safe for Torrenting?

In 2015, Canada passed a new law that mainly targeted illegal downloads. While Tunnelbear uses p2p connections, the Canadian government has been fairly been subjected to illegal p2p downloading in the past. As a result, Tunnelbear started blocking p2p connections.

McAfee came up with a solution whereby users today can use Tunnelbear VPN services that will guarantee their safety from cybercriminals.

Virtual Private Networks, VPNs can give you online safety and can enable you to be anonymous on public networks. They hide the identity of your address by making it untraceable.

Torrenting works by sharing the IP address of users. This means that anyone connected to the network can see your IP address. This, therefore, raises the question of whether Tunnelbear is safe for torrenting. Well, the answer is yes.

Some of the features that make it safe for torrenting are:

  • Torrent-server locations

Tunnelbear VPN services cannot be used in areas where torrenting laws do not lock out cybercriminals. This will guarantee your online presence safety.

Users of countries such as the Netherlands and Switzerland will still be able to use Tunnelbear since it does not restrict P2P traffic on their servers.

  • VigilantBear Kill Switch

This feature is found in the Tunnelbear application and acts as a kill switch. The kill switch will help keep your IP address and traffic data secret whenever you lose connection in any network.

This is crucial during torrenting since private data leaks during a peer to peer sessions can result in a lot of legal trouble.

  • Logging policy

Using Tunnelbear for torrent downloads guarantees you your safety against third parties. Neither your IP address nor data traffic is logged thus keeping you anonymous.

  • Pricing

Always consider paying for VPN platforms that hold your account information. It is easier to fall victim to free VPN services which when queried or subpoenaed can reveal part of your information. Tunnelbear is an affordable choice that is safe and secure!

Tunnelbear offers paid versions which will likely cost you approximately $3.33 per month. You should however wait until you are sure before paying for your subscription. There is no money-back guarantee once you have signed up for Tunnelbear VPN services.

So all in all, Tunnelbear is a safe VPN for torrenting.

Can I Trust Tunnelbear?  

You can trust Tunnelbear to keep your data traffic and any personal information a secret.

Just like other VPN providers, Tunnelbear makes use of the latest encryption methods. It uses a form of encryption AES 256-bit encryption which can support your devices OpenVPN and IKEv2.

McAfee, through Tunnelbear services, has become a trusted company that will perform frequent audits and security scans during your online activity. Tunnelbear VPN service prevents the additional risk of infecting your computer systems during torrent downloads.

Tunnelbear also claims to have a no-logs policy. So if you’d like to keep your data anonymous and safe, you can trust this service.

While your privacy is their top priority, Tunnelbear will offer high speeds to save on time during torrent downloads. The company’s VPN software is available on major platforms that work with Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Does Tunnelbear Hide Your IP Address?

You can use Tunnelbear to hide your IP address. It’s simple since the company has numerous servers to mask your IP address effectively.

To hide your IP address, Tunnelbear secures your network connection via an encrypted tunnel. Its features make it possible to bypass internet censorship when hiding your address and at the same time improve your internet experience.

When your device is connected to the internet, the internet service provider can see your online activity. Ranging from the files you share to every torrent download you make, they can see it all!

To protect your privacy consider using Tunnelbear VPN to hide your IP address making it impossible for anyone to see what you do online.

Using Tunnelbear will help keep your network connection private whether you are connected to an unsafe public Wi-Fi or network. The VPN service provides a layer of encryption that keeps your online presence safe.

It keeps you safe by creating an encryption tunnel in which all your traffic data can travel on its way to the internet. Its encryption mode turns your IP address, words, and data into a secret code form.

When cybercriminals attempt to get your IP address all they will be able to see is random gibberish.

Is Tunnelbear VPN Free?

Tunnelbear VPN can protect your online activity and will secure your internet connection even in public networks for free!

The free version comes with a 500 MBs per month data package. Even though it’s free, it’s easy to set up, can work on multiple devices, can work in a wide range of networks, and has zero log options for your online activity.

However, if you intend to have a secure connection for your multiple devices, consider getting a Tunnelbear subscription plan. You only need at least $9.99 per month for subscription fees.

Is Tunnelbear Good for Streaming Services?

Yes, it is. Tunnelbear has speeds that can support the streaming of your favorite shows across various platforms. It can effectively hide your IP address to spoof your location so that you can gain access to geo-restricted content. 

It unblocks a variety of streaming services such as Netflix. Amazon Prime, HBO among others. It also has outstanding security protocols in place to keep you safe whenever you are streaming!

To sum up, Tunnelbear offers some great features which you are likely not to find from other network service providers. If privacy is your primary concern, Tunnelbear will be a good fit.

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