Is NordVPN Good for Streaming?

Is NordVPN Good for Streaming?

Is NordVPN Good for Streaming?

Streaming services have become quite popular in today’s world. With this popularity, there have arisen several issues, key among them being the use of VPN services for streaming.

A VPN has become a necessity and as such one can only wonder which VPN service is the best for streaming.

NordVPN is excellent for streaming purposes. It’s fast, reliable, secure, and allows one to access content that is restricted to certain geographical areas. This means that no matter where you are in the world, you can stream your favorite show using NordVPN.

In this article, we’ll discuss how NordVPN is the best choice for most of the streaming services. So read on to find out more.

Can You Stream With NordVPN?

VPNs are increasingly becoming more and more popular and one of the reasons for this is because the need to stream securely and safely has risen greatly.

VPNs have become a key tool for people with the desire to stream their favorite content on major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and many more.


Most of these streaming services usually have blocked access to certain countries. If you are not in the particular country where the streaming service is located you cannot gain access to them.

Getting a VPN for streaming purposes allows you to gain access to geo-restricted material which would otherwise be unavailable without a VPN.

VPNs work by masking your real IP address and giving you another IP address.

This new IP address spoofs your geographical location and makes it seem as if you are in another country than you are. This way, you get to stream your favorite show without any hiccups.

A VPN also encrypts your data so that when you are streaming, none of your information can be accessed by any third parties.

Apart from this VPNs have been known to increase streaming speeds allowing users to stream without buffering.

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services for streaming. It allows users to gain access to a whole range of streaming services that are blocked in certain geographical locations.

All you need to do to access a blocked streaming service is to connect to one of the major servers and you’re good to go.

Is NordVPN Good for Streaming?

Like we’ve already discussed earlier in this article, a VPN is virtually a necessity for streaming.

From protecting oneself from cybersecurity threats to unlocking geo-restricted content, VPNs play an essential role in streaming.

For this reason, it’s only understandable to want to use the VPN service for streaming.

If we’re being completely honest, not all VPNs are created equal and can be trusted.

It’s not uncommon for people to have an overall bad streaming experience because of choosing the wrong VPN. So what makes for the best VPN service?

The best VPN service for streaming purposes combines lightning-fast speeds and airtight security measures.

NordVPN checks both of these boxes. NordVPN has over 5000 servers in over 60 countries. When compared to other VPN providers, this number is pretty high.

A high server count is associated with faster speeds. For this reason, NordVPN offers users a strong connection and with it, users can say goodbye to buffering.

With NordVPN you can stream from anywhere in the world with no interruptions.

NordVPN has top-notch security measures unrivaled in the business. They have military-grade encryption technology. This ensures that your data and information is secure whenever you are streaming.

So to answer the question, yes! NordVPN is one of the best VPN services for streaming purposes.

Is NordVPN Good for Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is virtually available in most countries around the globe. However, the titles aren’t the same everywhere.

This means that some shows and movies are exclusively available to certain regions and this deprives most users of access to content that can only be viewed in a particular country unless they’re using a VPN.

But one unknown fact is that Amazon Prime is quite adept at blocking VPNs. It has advanced VPN detection measures and because of this, there aren’t many VPN services that can unblock Amazon Prime.

The problem is that almost all VPNs will claim that they can bypass Amazon Prime’s geoblocking capabilities, but the truth is that few can.

NordVPN is one of the most trusted VPN service providers out there. It’s one of the few VPNs that are capable of bypassing Amazon Prime’s geoblocking capability.

As we’ve already discussed, NordVPN has one of the largest numbers of servers of any other VPN provider.

This means that anyone that tries to access Amazon Prime using NordVPN has a lot of IP addresses to choose from to spoof their location.

This gives NordVPN excellent unblocking capabilities because it isn’t easy for Amazon Prime to detect any infringements.

NordVPN also has SmartPlay technology that makes it possible to unblock Amazon Prime. It’s budget-friendly and extremely effective.

NordVPN has excellent speeds for streaming using Amazon Prime and therefore buffering is not an issue.

NordVPN also has military-grade encryption that is impossible to breakthrough.

This means that all data is safe from the access of third parties and therefore one’s information is secure when using NordVPN.

Is NordVPN Good for Netflix?

Are you looking to access Netflix’s library in its entirety? Or are you abroad and would like to watch your favorite Netflix show? Bad news.

You can only access specific shows allowed in your physical location. This can be a huge bummer,

But that’s just where a VPN comes in handy. A VPN allows you to mask your IP address and hide your actual location.

When you connect to a VPN server you spoof your real geographical location and can access any Netflix show from anywhere in the world.

The problem however is that Netflix is extremely good at detecting whether or not you’re using a VPN.

Netflix compares IP addresses to a list of known VPN addresses and this is where most VPN service providers are nabbed.

The truth of the matter is that there are few VPN providers out there that can still reliably unblock Netflix.

Numerous popular VPN services have already given up on battling against Netflix’s crusade against VPNs.

There are however a handful of VPN services that can still unblock geo-restricted content on Netflix. NordVPN is one of them.

By using NordVPN, you can trick Netflix into believing you are in a different location than your real one.

This will give you access to different regional libraries of Netflix allowing you to stream from anywhere in the world.

NordVPN supports all major Netflix libraries the world over and what’s more they have dedicated servers for streaming on Netflix.

Most VPNs reduce the speed and give flimsy connections that are unfavorable for streaming.

NordVPN has excellent speeds the world over, owing to its server count. This gives you the ability to stream endlessly without experiencing buffering.

NordVPN also has a foolproof privacy and security policies which ensures all your data is safe and secure while streaming on Netflix.

Overall, NordVPN is a trusted service for streaming on Netflix.

Is NordVPN Good for Disney+?

Disney+ has become a popular streaming service over the last few years. Unfortunately, Disney+ is only available in 13 regions.

This means that even if you have an account but fall out of these location domains, an error message will be delivered to you by Disney+.

Luckily enough, there is a solution for this. Using a VPN can enable you to bypass Disney+ geo-restriction and stream your favorite show.

The VPN will spoof your real geographic location making it appear as if you are in a location where Disney+ isn’t restricted. This will give you access to Disney+ libraries from anywhere in the world.

NordVPN is perhaps the best choice for this purpose. It encrypts your online traffic and sends it to a server of your choice.

From there you can access Disney+ and watch all your shows without having to worry about geoblocking. It’s worth noting that NordVPN has dedicated servers for streaming via Disney+.

They are therefore one among the few VPN providers with the capability of bypassing Disney’s geo-restriction allowing you to view your favorite shows on Disney+.

Is NordVPN Good for Hulu?

Hulu is one of the major streaming services in the world and its popularity has been on the rise in recent years. The problem for most people however is that Hulu is restricted to the U.S. and Japan only.

This means that if you are outside of these locations you cannot access Hulu’s library and view your favorite shows.

The problem is that it’s hard to find a VPN that is capable of going around Hulu’s block and access the content for the rest of the world. Just like most streaming services, Hulu has a crackdown on VPNs.

They have strong IP detection tools that show whether a subscriber is using a VPN to gain access.

Luckily, NordVPN is one of the few VPN providers capable of finding their way around this. It connects you to a server in the US giving you access to Hulu’s library from anywhere in the world.

The streaming speeds for NordVPN are excellent and the privacy and security policies foolproof making it a good choice for streaming Hulu.

So as you can see, NordVPN is good for accessing most of these streaming services that have geo-restrictions.

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