How to Turn off Tinder Global?

How to Turn off Tinder Global?

Over the years, Tinder has developed in many ways, constantly implementing new options that will meet the needs of new and existing customers. The latest option they have introduced is called Tinder Global, and it allows you to swipe people from anywhere in the world.

Tinder global basically means that you may live in London, but you get a match with someone who is living in Buenos Aries. Although this may seem fun, it can be rather annoying if you want a tinder match to end with a real, in-person conversion. 

To turn off Tinder global option, you should go to settings and switch to local-only mode. Once you are in the local-only mode, you can choose the perimeter of the search, so you can limit the profiles showing to only those who are around you.

Stay with me while I explain how to choose and change your Tinder location, so you can use the app to meet new people in a new area when you are traveling, or if you are moving to a different city.

How to Choose Tinder Location?

The whole point of using Tinder is to find and meet people who are nearby. This is why you need to have your GPS services on at all times while you are using the app. Tinder is using both GPS and WI-FI to identify where you are located. 

Usually, there are two types of permissions you can grant to the app – to see your location at all times, or to see your location only while you are using the app. The first option will keep the Tinder running in the background, which can drain the battery quickly.

This means that there is no way to choose the location of Tinder since it is automatically recognized by the app. The only thing you can do in this case is to choose the location range – you can choose how far away you want other people to be from you.

What Is Tinder Passport?

Not being able to choose your location was restricted only to free members. If you are a Plus or Gold member, then you have access to Tinder Passport. Tinder Passport is an option that means you are able to choose your location manually and then explore the locally available profiles.

This was a useful feature that has been available to all users during the time of the pandemic, even the ones who didn’t pay for the membership. Tinder has recognized that dating can be very hard and that most new connections were made globally. 

There is even a list of cities that have the biggest number of right swipes, so you could try your luck in those areas if you felt unsuccessful in your city. 

Can You Hide Your Tinder Location?

Unfortunately, there is no way to hide your location. After all, if you are using Tinder to meet new people, what is the point of hiding your location? When you turn off your GPS, the app will be automatically disabled. 

This means that you will not be able to see the profiles and explore people available on Tinder until you turn on your GPS again. If you want to hide your address, there are really no ways to bypass this in the app. Simply, the location must be on to use the app.

What Is Tinder Global?

User behavior on dating apps like Tinder has changed over the years, and especially during the pandemic. Since so many people were locked in one location, without the possibility to travel, there were new issues with the app that appeared.

Imagine you are living in a densely populated area. In a situation like this, you would have almost endless possibilities to get a match and eventually meet someone you like. But if you are living in a small city and you have already explored all your options, what is the solution?

Tinder has recognized this issue, and at the beginning of this year, they started testing the Tinder Global feature that is basically allowing you to match with anyone in the world. There are no location boundaries when you are using this service. 

When it is on, simply everyone who has a profile on Tinder and matches your criteria may end up on your page and you can swipe them right. This is good for those who have an adventurous spirit and don’t mind crossing the ocean for the man or girl of their dreams. 

However, if you are not of that kind, and you like the comfort of the area you are living in, Tinder Global may be really annoying option for you. What is the point of matching with someone who lives across the world, if you are not ready to eventually travel and meet them in person?

Tinder is working on enhancing user experience and they started testing a simple button choice where you would choose between two modes – Local only or Global. Until then, there is an easy way to turn off the global option.

Just go to settings and choose your location, and set the perimeter you want to reach. By setting a small perimeter, you are limiting the number of profiles you want to see to only those who are very close to you. 

Bear in mind that switching between these two modes sometimes may take up to 24 hours to reflect on the app, so be patient if the app doesn’t recognize the new setup right away. 

The global option may be fun to use if you are just looking to meet new people from around the world so you can hang out. If you are moving to another city and you want to utilize Tinder to meet new friends or a potential date, then using Tinder Passport may be a better option for you.

With Tinder Passport you are limiting the search to the specific location – with the global option, it is a lottery – you never know where the next person will be from.

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