How To Pay For Vpn Anonymously?

How To Pay For Vpn Anonymously?

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a powerful tool that helps to protect your privacy and enhance your online security. The technology works by routing your data traffic through an encrypted virtual tunnel. One of the benefits of this technique is that it’ll keep all information about you, including your location, IP address, and browsing history, private.

Furthermore, one of the few questions that often come up regarding the purchase of a VPN online is how to pay for the service anonymously. Some people believe the extra layer of anonymity is pretty much important to secure their banking details. However, some people think doing that doesn’t matter.

If you’re looking to pay anonymously for a VPN service, one of the best ways to do that is by paying with Bitcoin. Besides that, you can also pay for VPN anonymously by using gift cards or other kinds of altcoins, such as Ripple. 

Is it necessary to pay for VPN anonymously? Who needs to pay for VPN anonymously? What are the best methods of paying for Virtual Private Network services anonymously? You’ll find answers to these questions and many more as you read further.

Is It Important to Pay for VPNs Anonymously?

Before going ahead to address the topic of this post, here’s a quick question – is it important to pay for VPN services anonymously? To answer the question, I’ll say it depends on who you are.

No doubt, you can be traced via your VPN account, when you pay for the service using your credit card, debit card, or any other conventional payment method.

But is this really something that you need to worry about? The answer to that is probably not.

However, if you’re wanted by government agencies probably because of political reasons or any other reasons, you might need to go anonymous when paying for a VPN service. One thing that you need to keep in mind using this method is that it has a few setbacks, which I’ll talk about in the next section of this post.

Alternatively, if you find yourself in that situation, I’ll advise you to opt for a no-log VPN. This way, you can rest assured that your online activities won’t be on record. The benefit of a no-log VPN is that it’ll keep people from knowing what you do with your VPN account, even if they can identify it as yours.

Cons of Paying Anonymously for VPNs

As earlier stated, there are a few drawbacks attached to paying anonymously for VPN services.

One of the disadvantages of choosing a private payment method for VPN is that you’ll only get to pay for the service only once every year. There’s nothing like setting up recurring payments. Instead, you’ll need to go through the stress of manually setting up the payment details every time you need to pay again for the VPN.

Apart from that, you need to understand that by paying anonymously for VPNs, you need to choose the longest subscription length, possibly a year or two years. This will save you a lot of stress since the payment option isn’t recurring.

That’s not all; once you pay anonymously for VPN services, you won’t have an opportunity to receive a refund. Also, you need to understand that you only have limited chances of paying using this private method; most VPN providers only accept conventional payment methods.

Who Should Opt for the Private Payment Method for VPNs?

As earlier mentioned, payment of VPN anonymously isn’t for everybody. But here’s a burning question; who exactly is this option best for?

If your existence depends solely on you hiding your identity, choosing this private payment option is a must for you.

For instance, if you’re a journalist or any other type of worker that’s against a violent or dangerous government, you need to pay anonymously. That’s not all; if you’re a whistleblower, it’s important to keep your identity hidden. So, you need to pay for VPN services anonymously. Furthermore, as an advocate for free speech on controversial issues, you might as well need to pay anonymously for a VPN service.

The Best Methods of Paying for VPNs Anonymously

Finally, we are back to the burning question of this article. So, what are the best methods of paying privately for VPNs?

It’s pretty simple; for you to pay anonymously for VPN services, all you need to do is use the following payment methods:

  • Payment by using Bitcoins
  • Payment using Gift Cards

How to pay for VPNs anonymously with Bitcoin?

In case you don’t know, Bitcoin is the most common method that you can use for paying anonymously for VPNs. By using this payment option, you can always rest assured that your identity is hidden. The only problem, however, is that this method comes with a bit of a learning curve. If you already know your way around buying and exchanging Bitcoin, you’ll surely find this method easy.

  • The first step required to pay anonymously for VPN using bitcoin is to create a wallet. However, ensure you only opt for a wallet that’s compatible with what the VPN provider is accepting.
  • Next, buy Bitcoins of the exact amount you’ll be paying for the VPN services. However, keep in mind that you’ll be paying certain network fees depending on the wallet you’re using.
  • After successfully purchasing the Bitcoins, the last step is to transfer it accordingly to the VPN provider.

How to pay for VPNs anonymously with Gift Cards? 

It’s worth knowing that there are a few VPN providers out there that accept Gift Cards as means of paying anonymously for their service. If your VPN provider offers this option, it means you can always opt for it.

  • To make payment, the first thing you need to do is go to the payment option of the site.
  • From their, locate buy VPN using ‘gift card’. You’ll have to check for the accepted gift cards to know which one you need to buy.
  • Select the card, proceed by paying anonymously. However, I’ll advise you to check the rate before paying; if you don’t like it, you can select another payment option.

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