How To Hide My View History In Linkedin?

How To Hide My View History In Linkedin?

With over 750 million active users, there’s no denying that LinkedIn is the world’s largest social and professional network. Unlike most social networking platforms, LinkedIn works by helping its users to make business connections. That’s not all; the platform also assists people in sharing their experiences and resumes, and most especially to find jobs.

By default, one of the functions of Linkedin is that it provides people with access to your activity status, making them see your viewing history. With that, it means the public, including your potential employer, can always see your likes, comments, and your behavior on Linkedin. No doubt, there are advantages and disadvantages to having your viewing history revealed on Linkedin.

If you feel uncomfortable having viewing history revealed on Linkedin, the good news is that there are a couple of ways ms that you can use to hide it.

One of the simplest and effective methods of concealing your viewing history on LinkedIn is by switching to the LinkedIn Private Mode. With this feature, you’ll get to hide your viewing activities and remain anonymous as you visit and view other people’s profiles.

In the rest of this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about how to hide your viewing history on LinkedIn. So, Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Why Is It Important to Hide Your View History on LinkedIn?

Many people will choose to hide their view history on LinkedIn because of varying reasons.

Beginners and job seekers

For instance, if you are just getting started on LinkedIn, hiding your view history will allow you to remain anonymous as you strive to build your network. That’s not all; if you are employed but looking to switch your career path by finding a better job on LinkedIn, going private with your view history will give you the confidence to search without having to worry about your current employer finding out about your move.


As a recruiter, you’ll also find hiding your view history handy when you’re trying to look around for the best fit for your organization. This approach is only effective during the searching period. As soon as you find the best candidates for your organization, you’ll need to reveal your activity status before going ahead to reach out to the potential candidates.

Advanced users

It’s not only beginners, job seekers, and recruiters that benefit from hiding the view history of their LinkedIn. Also, Advanced LinkedIn users can benefit from this move. This is true for users who like to visit other people’s profiles occasionally without wanting to get noticed.

What Is the Best Way to Hide Your View History on LinkedIn?

Now, you’ve seen some of the reasons why hiding your view history on LinkedIn is important. So, let’s go back to our burning question; what is the best way to hide one’s view history on the professional networking platform?

As earlier mentioned, the best and easiest way to make that happen is by switching from public to private mode on your LinkedIn account. So, what exactly is LinkedIn Private Mode and what exactly does it include?

LinkedIn Private Mode: what is it and what does it include?

The Private Mode is one of the features that LinkedIn offers its users. It allows you to hide your activity and view history on the networking platform. By opting for this option, you’ll be able to stay anonymous while you visit other people’s profiles for personal reasons.

The LinkedIn Private Mode feature helps to eliminate the default settings that keep your view history active and readily available for people to access via the “Who viewed your profile list” option on your page.

Furthermore, it’s worth knowing that the LinkedIn Private Mode feature is entirely free and available for all users. It has nothing to do with having a premium account. Furthermore, by opting for this option to hide your view history, even premium users won’t be able to see your activity status.

How to switch to LinkedIn Private Mode?

For you to successfully switch to LinkedIn Private Mode, all you need is to follow the steps below:

On Desktop 

  • On a desktop browser, log in to your LinkedIn account and go to your profile page.
  • From there, select the drop-down menu, and right under the account, select “Settings & Privacy.”
  • After getting directed to the Settings & Privacy page, click on the “Visibility” option. You’ll find the option on the left-hand side, where the rail is located.
  • Up next, locate and click on “Change“, which is right in front of the Profile viewing options.

After clicking on the “Change” option, you’ll see three different options that you can switch back and forth to, they include:

  • Public profile mode: This will display your name and make your headline visible.
  • Semi-private profile mode: This will keep your name anonymous but will display your job title and industry.
  • Private mode: This will display none of your information.

So, choose the option that you prefer and your settings will automatically be saved.

On Smartphone

Do you often access your LinkedIn account using your smartphone? If yes, you can also hide your view history from your device. That said, follow the straightforward steps below to switch your account to a LinkedIn Private mode.

  • Open your LinkedIn app and tap on your “Profile” icon. It’s located on the upper-left corner of your home screen.
  • Up next, click on the “Settings” icon.
  • After that, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on the “Visibility” option.
  • Next, tap on Profile Viewing options.
  • Lastly, select your preferred mode from any of the three options (Public, Semi-private, or Private) displayed on your screen.

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