How To Get Rid Of Hide My History?

How To Get Rid Of Hide My History?

WARNING! Hide My History is a horrible Chrome extension that steals your data. It’s leaking your information to cybercriminals who use it to install more harmful malware on your machine. So, how do you get rid of it?

To get rid of the Hide My History hijacker, you can remove it from the Extensions menu within Chrome. Click on the sandwich menu on the top right of the Chrome window, hover over More Tools, and then click on Extensions. On the Extension tab, find Hide My History and click Remove.

The longer Hide My History stays on your device, the more bloatware it installs and causes more chaos. In this guide, you’ll discover how to wipe your system clean and reverse all the damage. You’ll also see how to get rid of Hide My History on various devices and operating systems.

How To Get Rid Of Hide My History On Google Chrome?

When you install the extension by mistake, you can remove it from the extension tab. However, Hide My History messes with your browser’s settings.

It makes permanent changes that are not easy to revert to the original settings. In that case, you may need to clear your browser’s settings. You may need to open the Settings menu and click on Clear browsing data (chrome://settings/clearBrowserData) under the Privacy and security menu.

Click on Advanced and choose All time in the time range field. Then, check all the boxes (Browsing history, download history, cookies, and other site data, etc.) and click Clear data.

Wait a few minutes until you clear the data.

Wait, there’s still another fix for Hide My History because it’s a stubborn extension.

Next, you want to remove stored cookies. These cookies contain codes to reinstall the extension.

Under Privacy and security, click on Cookies and other site data. Scroll down to See all cookies and site data (chrome://settings/siteData) and click on it.

Click on Remove all, then click Clear all to confirm.

That’s all. Chrome should be clean by now. If it’s still acting funny, you may need to reset it to factory settings (chrome://settings/reset).

You may need to click on Advanced on the left menu, then click on Reset settings. Then, click on Restore settings to original defaults. Click Reset settings to confirm.

If your Chrome is still behaving weirdly, you may want to uninstall it, download the latest version from, and reinstall it.

On Android, the process is similar.

Note: If you’re using Linux, this command will wipe Chrome and return it to a fresh install state: sudo rm -rf ~/.config/google-chrome. (Use it carefully).


If you’re using Firefox, you may need to follow similar steps to clear browsing data.

Click on the sandwich menu at the top right, then click Settings. Find and click on Extensions & Themes at the bottom left.

Next, find Hide My History and click on the three dots and click Remove.

Then, go to Privacy & Security. Under Cookies and Site Data, click on Clear Data and Clear then Clear Now. Also, delete any residue by clicking on Manage Data and Remove All.

If it still doesn’t work, try removing and reinstalling Firefox from scratch.

Get Rid Of Hide My History According To Operating System


If you installed Hide My History as a program, remove it from Windows.

Go to the Control Panel, Programs, find Hide My History and uninstall it. It could be under another name. It may have installed other programs. So, make sure to uninstall any program that looks suspicious.

How To Get Rid Of Hide My History On Mac?

On Mac, the removal process takes a few minutes.

Go to Finder and open Applications. Find Hide My History and click uninstall. While you’re at it, remove any program that you don’t remember installing or don’t use anymore.

Using Malware Remover On Windows To Get Rid Of Hide My History

Remove Hide My History, clear your browser, and uninstall the program. If you still have the same problem after following the steps above, you may need to use advanced tools.

These anti-malware programs should remove Hide My History and other harmful programs in the process.


You can download the trial version of Malwarebytes and attempt removing Hide My History.

After downloading Malwarebytes, run the program and install it. Then, scan your system. Malwarebytes will detect and quarantine Hide My History.

Next, you should go to your quarantine list and remove all quarantined items. After the removal, restart your computer.

By now, you have removed Hide My History successfully.

Malwarebytes is also available for iOS, Mac, and Android. If you have more of your devices infected, you can install Malwarebytes on each device to remove Hide My History.


HitmanPro is another malware removal program to use. You can download it for free. You can also register a free trial account to remove Hide My History.

So, prepare to scan your system to detect Hide My History and other malware. Once the scan is complete, you can register a free trial account and remove the virus.


AdwCleaner is another tool by Malwarebytes that removes adware. You can use it to remove Hide My History if Malwarebytes and HitmanPro fail to do the job.

Scan your system with AdwCleaner even after removing Hide My History successfully. That way, you can make sure that your machine is clean.

It’s as simple as downloading the program and doing a scan.

Last Resort

If you followed all the free methods to remove Hide My History and still have a problem, there’s something wrong.

It’s more than Hide My History. There may be a bigger problem here. So, back up all the personal data you can save on a separate storage device.

Make sure they’re virus-free, however. If you back up infected files, the virus will return. Unfortunately, there’s no other solution for now.

You may need to format your hard drive and start from scratch. So, make sure you exhaust all your options before abandoning the ship.

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