How to Change Your Netflix Region?

How to Change Your Netflix Region?

Netflix has been one of the most popular platforms for watching movies, TV shows, and documentaries, and for a reason. It has one of the largest bases of videos available online. But there is one catch – the content on Netflix is highly regional.

This means that a TV show, for example, that is available in the US might not be available in some other country and vice versa. This can be really annoying if you are trying to watch your favorite TV show, or you are just keen to have access to content that is not available in your country.

Using a VPN can virtually change your address and give you access to Netflix content in another region. If you want to connect to Netflix in a specific region, you should choose a VPN server that is located in the desired country. This will unlock Netflix content that is available in that location.

At the same time, Netflix content that is available in your physical location may not be available anymore, since Netflix is only able to read your new IP address. 

Why Is Netflix Content Regional?

When you look at the structure and the statistics of Netflix users, you will see that Netflix is being used in countries from all over the world, and that is popular within all age groups. Since it is not possible to make one average profile of a Netflix user, it is normal to assume they cannot use the same marketing strategy for every country.

Because Netflix users are so diversified, they had to come up with a way to bring their service closer to the customers located in different areas and to satisfy everyone’s needs. This is why the content is very regional.

This means that a movie that is available in India, where Bollywood is very popular, may not be highly rated in Spain, for example (and vice versa applies). The issue arises when Indian moves to Spain and wants to access local content but is being prevented.

Netflix has realized that the best way to advertise their platform and to satisfy the needs of their customers is to make the content regional. This can be avoided by using a VPN. 

How to Choose the Right VPN?

As simple as it can be, the right VPN is the one that works for you. There are so many apps and websites that are offering VPN services, that is really hard to choose the right one for you. It is best to try several until you find the one you like the most.

A good VPN needs to offer a fast connection without interruptions. In general, it is harder to find VPNs that will work on mobile phones, simply because they use too much data, drain the battery, and can slow down the device. 

To change the Netflix region, you will need to turn on the VPN and choose the server manually. Usually, the VPN app will choose the closest and the fastest working server and connect you through it automatically.

This would do the work if you were using VPN for other reasons, but when you want to change the Netflix region to a specific country, you need to configure the VPN by yourself. Luckily, this is a no-brainer, since all you have to do is to go to the list of servers provided by the VPN app and choose one in the country you are interested in. 

The further away the country is from your actual location, the slower the connection will be. This means that you might not be able to fully enjoy the high-quality content without any interruptions, but some paid VPN apps claim they can solve this issue.

Netflix Is Displaying Error

Netflix is aware that some people are trying to bypass their geo-tagging by virtually switching their location by using VPN. This is why they have created a list of banned IP addresses which are proven to be associated with VPN servers.

The reason for this is because they want to keep their services local. This is why sometimes you may receive m-7111-5059 or m7111-1331-5059 error code when you log into Netflix while using VPN.

Basically, these errors are confirming that Netflix has recognized you are using an IP address that has been blacklisted due to its connection to the VPN servers. This can be easily bypassed by just switching the server that you are using. 

The issue is that this base of blacklisted IP addresses is growing day by day, meaning that if you do find a server that works, it is not guaranteed it will always work. Once Netflix gets two and two, the IP address will be forever banned. 

There is no fix to this other than changing the server within the same VPN or changing the VPN provider. 

How to Change Netflix Region Without VPN?

Using the VPN is the fastest and the most simple solution when you want to change the Netflix region. However, if you don’t want to use a VPN but you are still interested in finding a way to change the region, there is one way you can try. 

This method involves using a DNS proxy. It may not be the most ideal solution, since it can be easily tracked and blocked by Netflix, and is very weak compared to a paid VPN, but it can still be managed. 

To pull this out you will need to ask your provider for a working DNS server address. After you get one, go to Network settings on your computer and configure the address manually. Enter the DNS address and activate it by restarting the device. 

Once you do this, just log in to Netflix and you should be able to access files from the region you have selected. I repeat once again – this method is very weak and may not always work out, but you can try it out if VPN is absolutely a no-go for you.

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