How Can I Hide My Steam History Name?

How Can I Hide My Steam History Name? 

A lot of Steam users are wondering what options they have when it comes to hiding previous activity, as well as previously used names. It is well known that Steam allows you to use various names, even the ones that are already used. However, how can you hide your Steam history name, so it would not be seen by other users? 

There is an option that allows you to delete your Steam history name, and it can be found through the drop menu under your name on your profile. Once you open your own profile page, under your name, you will see the option ‘Clear Previous Aliases’ which will allow deleting all history names. 

In this article, I will take you through the steps that will allow you to hide or delete any previous names that you have been using on Steam, so they will not be available to the public. I will also provide other privacy features that might be helpful for a Steam user, especially if you are a rookie. Steam offers a lot of options, so you can choose whatever you find the most convenient.  

How Can I Hide My Steam History Name? 

Steam offers the feature to change your name frequently, and to use whatever term you want. On the other hand, this feature makes it difficult for people to find you, even if you are already on their friends’ list. Nonetheless, you can choose to search by aliases, so you can find out who is who on Steam. 

Searching for people under their aliases is possible because Steam keeps the history of all of the names that you have previously used. Therefore, every user can check your previous name by checking your aliases on your profile. That option is found on your profile page under the section of names. 

However, if your account is private, most of the information you put on your profile will not be shown, including your history names. Many users prefer to keep their Steam accounts public since that offers them the chance to play with many more users and have the benefit of different available options. Some features that are accessible to public accounts are not possible for private accounts. 

Therefore, if you do not want to show your previous names under which you have played, you can choose the option to hide or delete them. When you navigate through your profile page, you can see that under your name there is a drop menu that includes all of the names you have previously used. At the bottom of the drop menu, you have the option ‘Clear Previous Aliases’. 

By clicking this option you will choose to remove all of the names you have used in your gaming. This means that the names will no longer be available to the public, meaning that other users cannot find you under some aliases from before. It is simple, so you will remove your history names in a few seconds and clicks. 

This is only an option, so you might choose to keep and use all of your names from before. Some people change their names just for fun, others because of teams that ask for changing of names. No matter the reason for changing your name, you should know that you always have the option to use the same names again, as well as remove them from your profile. 

How To Hide Steam Activity? 

When it comes to clearing names and hiding previous aliases, it is worth mentioning that you also have the possibility to hide your previous activity as well. You might not want to share every information with your friends, such as the game you are currently playing, or what purchase you have recently made. 

Therefore, Steam has enabled the option to keep everything private and to share only information with which you are comfortable sharing. There are a few options that allow you to hide your previous Steam activity; however, I will explain the most common and the simplest one. This method is proven to work, so it will give you successful results if you decide to hide some of your previous activities. 

Hide Your Activity From Privacy Settings

To make everything easier for its users, Steam has provided the option to hide your previous activity from the Privacy Settings section. This enables users to clear or hide their activities in a very simple manner using only a few steps. Besides the efficiency of this method, it is proven that it does not affect any other features on your account, and it does not make any changes to your existing Steam components. 

Below you have a few simple steps that will enable you to hide the activities you have previously done from other people on Steam. You should also know that hiding your activities does not mean setting your account to private. 

  1. Firstly, from the menu bar on the top, click your ‘Name’, and then click ‘Profile’
  2. Once you click ‘Profile’, you will be taken to the next screen where you will have to find the option ‘Edit Your Profile’. This option is found under your current level on Steam. 
  3. Once you click the option ‘Edit Your Profile’, you will find the option ‘My Privacy Settings’. 
  4. When you are headed over to the ‘Settings’ page you will see many options related to privacy. You should find the option ‘My Profile Entry’, and then click on the ‘Public Menu’ where you can find ‘Game Details’. 
  5. Lastly, you will need to select the ‘Private’ option in ‘Game Details’. Setting your game details to private does not mean that your whole account is set to private. 


As you could see, Steam offers a lot of options to suit your needs. Therefore, it is up to you to choose what you want to show to the public and to your friends, and what you want to keep only for yourself. With only a few clicks, you can change all of the settings you consider do not work in your favor.  

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