Does Norton 360 Include VPN?

Does Norton 360 Include VPN?

I use a VPN whenever I connect to the internet with any of my devices. That is the only form of security that I use when I am on the net.

I don’t safeguard against viruses, malware, or spyware because I like to think that I am pretty careful and vigilant when it comes to my internet habits and what I have learned what to and what not to do on the net over the course of my life.

However, I found out that my daughter downloaded some malware onto my PC and decided to look into the Norton 360 Suites and what they could offer in terms of a VPN and other features. Here is what I found.

All Norton 360 plans (Standard, Deluxe, and Premium) offer Norton Secure VPN. This VPN includes a connection to several devices depending on the package and other features such as Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware protection, Ransomeware Protection, Parental Control, Cloud Backup Storage, Password Manager, School Time, SafeCam, and a 100% virus protection guarantee.  

This article will discuss what the Norton 360 Suite is and its features now that it was re-released in 2019. Then we will go over the VPN included in the suite, Norton Secure VPN.

We will discuss its features and functions and how it compares to other VPN services that you can purchase today. Finally, we will compare all the Norton 360 plans so you can compare the packages for yourself.

What is Norton 360?

Norton 360 is a security suite that boasts an “all-in-one” application full of features and functionality developed by Symantec for the public. It was first developed in 2007; however, in 2014, it was discontinued, or rather its features were then passed on to Norton Security.

By 2019 Symantec changed their name to NortonLifeLock and also the name of Norton Security back to Norton 360. 

The Norton 369 sweet includes anti-spyware, antivirus, malware, and ransomware protection. It has a nifty PC cloud backup that can go up to 75gigs of space depending on the plan (package you choose).

It also includes what Norton calls its Smart Firewall as well as a password manager that lets you generate long, complex, strong passwords and then lets you store them in your encrypted cloud-based vault.

They also offer a 100% virus protection promise, which means that once you subscribe, a Norton expert is available to maintain that your devices are virus-free or get a full refund.

Other features include parental control, which offers you full monitoring and control over your child’s online activity. This includes seeing what videos they watch, what websites they visit, what they search for, and what apps they download.

Another cool feature is School Time, and this feature allows you to pause your child’s internet when you see fit. This is great when they are at school and should be focusing rather than spending time on their device.

The second to last feature they include is SafeCam for PC, and this feature gives you protection against spyware and it blocks explicitly unauthorized access to your webcam.

The last feature is a Norton Secure VPN, and the number of devices varies that can connect to and use the VPN depending on the Norton 360 plan (package) you choose to purchase. 

Norton 360 secure VPN overview

If you do not know what a VPN is, then let’s quickly get you up to speed. A virtual private network (VPN) creates a secure encrypted connection between your device (tablets, smartphones, PC, laptops, etc.) and the VPN server.

This means any information (data) you are sending and receiving from your device is secure and safe. You then run less of a risk of getting attacked by hackers, having your identity stolen, your financial information stolen, and all sorts of other data being targeted and stolen.

Number of connectable devices

It doesn’t matter what plan (package) you choose when purchasing Norton 360 because all their plans include Norton Secure VPN.

However, the number of devices which are able to use Secure VPN range from one device when choosing Norton 360 Standard, five devices when choosing Norton 360 Deluxe, and up to ten devices when choosing Norton 360 Premium. 


As with regards to privacy, the point of a VPN is to keep yourself and your data private. Norton is based in Tempe, Arizona, and their laws do not require VPN companies to collect and maintain user data.

Furthermore, Norton has said that they do not collect any identifiable information from the traffic that moves through their network. Norton as well has been in the security for over a decade and is trusted compared to newer unknown companies. 

Open-source protocols

Norton Secure VPN uses an open-source protocol called OpenVPN across android and windows apps, which is considered excellent because when something in the tech world is open-source, that means that anyone can examine it and go over it for vulnerabilities.

Usually, when something is open-source, you get hundreds if not thousands of people who contribute to making that program, software, protocols, drivers, code, etc., more secure and stable.

This is great; however, For iOS devices, Norton Secure VPN has to connect through the IPsec protocol, which is not open-source, which means it is run behind closed doors.

Server locations

As for the number of servers and server location Norton has servers in 79 locations in 30 countries, including South Africa. Other VPN services ignore Africa entirely when it comes to server locations; however, Norton does not have many in South America.

More servers in different locations mean no matter where you are, you will be able to connect to a nearby server for better connection performance (this means a faster connection). 

Other services and features

Norton Secure VPN provides all the guarantees of a VPN; however, other VPN services offer more features and tools that will protect your data and privacy.  These features include multi-hop connections.

This means your traffic is routed through two VPN servers to make sure it is not intercepted. Another feature that Norton Secure VPN does not offer is split-tunneling.

This feature allows you to decide what traffic travels through the VPN and what traffic does not. Another feature that other VPNs offer is granting access to the Tor anonymization network that Norton Secure VPN does not. 

Some features that Norton does offer is that of an Ad tracking tab. This feature shows all the ad trackers that the VPN has blocked in a week. One other cool feature is that Netflix does not block Norton Secure VPN.

In case you did not know, Netflix is not the same in different regions (this means you will get various shows for other areas).

Many people use a VPN to make Netflix think that they are connecting from another region, which allows them to watch shows and movies that would not be available in their area. 

How many Norton 360 package plans are there?

There are three Norton 360 packages, and they all include Norton Secure VPN. I have listed the features of each package (plan) in the following table for your comparison

Norton 360 StandardNorton 360 DeluxeNorton 360 Premium
Number of devicesProtection for 1 deviceProtection for 5 devicesProtection for up to 10 devices
Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware & Ransomeware protectionYesYesYes
PC Cloud Backup10gigs50gigs75gigs
Password ManagerYesYesYes
100% Virus Protection GuaranteeYes YesYes
Parental ControlNoYesYes
School TimeNoYesYes
Secure VPNFor 1 deviceFor 5 devicesFor up to 10 devices
SafeCamFor 1 deviceFor 5 devicesFor up to 10 devices

Check out Norton 360 Standard on Amazon here

Check out Norton 360 Deluxe on Amazon here

Check out Norton 360 Premium on Amazon here


As we can see, the Norton 360 suite comes with its very own Norton Secure VPN no matter which of the three plans (packages) you choose (Standard, Deluxe, or premium). Norton has been in the security game for a long time, and it shows in their VPN.

It might not have all the features, bells, and whistles other VPN services offer; however, what they do offer is stable, trusted, and tested software that has been around for a long time. 

This shows in their 100% virus protection promise that they will keep your device virus-free, or you can get a refund. Furthermore, the Norton 360 suite offers a wide variety of features that you would not get when just looking to purchase a standalone VPN service.

You get anti-spam, antivirus, malware, and ransomware protection along with Cloud Storage, Parental Control, School Time, Password Manager, and Safecam.

All in all, if you are looking to purchase a VPN and you are looking to get some added features that are not explicitly linked to VPN features, then having a look at what Norton 360 has to offer might be worth your while.

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