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Does NordVPN work with Hulu?

I have been using NordVPN for a year and have a good understanding what it can do with different streaming platforms. Because I have been travelling, I have also been testing it through out the countries I have gone to.

NordVPN has its hiccups, but for what I use it for, it has been passed every check box I need. Especially in the department of media streaming.

Does NordVPN work with Hulu? NordVPN is ideal for streaming services and it specifically works with Hulu. It can unblock Hulu’s issues of connecting if you are abroad. It does this by allowing a VPN tunnel back to the United States in order to navigate as if you were in the geographically area. Once tunneled back through NordVPN, Hulu will work.

Hulu has a variety of options that Netflix does not. I can definitely why you would want to connect to it while abroad.

Perhaps, you were in the middle of watching season one of ‘The Mick’ and you end up with time to burn while on an international vacation.

Go ahead and power up NordVPN, unless you’re automatically connected, and you’ll find yourself able to watch Hulu.

Getting Hulu to Work

If you’re in the United States with Hulu, you’ll still be able to use Hulu with or without a VPN.

It’s a given that connecting through a VPN to the home country’s server will continue to let Hulu work. But this isn’t always the case for other countries, as many countries do not allow Hulu.

As a traveler, I’ve quickly learned that internet restrictions are very much a thing depending on the country you go to.

Because of this, you’re not always able to use the internet as you 100 percent normally would. This is especially the case with streaming services such as Hulu.

So you might find yourself, 2000 miles away from the United States, and unable to watch an episode or a movie that you’ve been meaning to see.

That’s because some countries are on a list either by Hulu or by the host country, that blocks you from watching Hulu. Never fear! This happens only because Hulu recognizes you are in a different geographical area.

For Hulu to work, the geographical area you should be in is back state side. In order to get Hulu to work you will need to connect to a server back in the US.

This sets your geographical location back home, effectively allowing you to browse or stream as if you were back in the US.

With NordVPN you can set your preferences so Hulu will automatically work. That means you don’t have to reconfigure your VPN to point every time you want to stream something. 

NordVPN has an easy to use feature that allows streaming enabled automation through a continuous geographical based connection.

In simple terms, every time you connect to the internet, the default for the VPN settings on NordVPN will kick in. As soon as you begin browsing, you are connected through the internet via the VPN server’s country location.

NordVPN Isn’t Unblocking Services?

As a disclaimer, there are rare occasions that NordVPN won’t work with streaming services. I haven’t found this necessarily the case with Hulu yet. But I’m sure it will end up happening.

When this happens, the streaming service provider will usually have a code displayed saying why it isn’t playing videos. After a quick Google search, you’ll find that it notices that you’re plugged into a VPN.

What’s great about NordVPN is that it allows you to switch up the servers for a specific country you’re currently tunneled to. 

The fix to unblock a streaming service if you’re current NordVPN connection isn’t working, is to choose another server number for the country you want to have a VPN connection with. 

This is simple to do. Like before, you need to open up your NordVPN application. You will see a list of countries you can select from. From that list you will also see a list of different server numbers.

Just choose another random server number to connect to. Once connected, refresh your streaming services and you should be up and running again!

Like I said, I haven’t noticed this with Hulu as much. But I’m sure this may happen with Hulu. So note that this is a quick fix for your troubleshooting skillset.

Related Questions

Does NordVPN work with Hulu while in the United States?

Yes. NordVPN will still work with Hulu. Even if you connect to your home country from your home country, this will not be an issue.

This is usually the case if you want privacy from your Internet Service Provider.

Does NordVPN work with Hulu while in Europe?

Yes. You can connect your NordVPN connection to the United States while in a country that allows VPN access. For instance, if in London, NordVPN can be used to connected back to the United States.

From there, you can use the internet as if you were in that geographical area. Thus allow streaming on Hulu.

Can you watch Hulu on your iPhone using NordVPN?

Yes. NordVPN works on mobiles to allow a variety of streaming services. This is inclusive of Hulu. From your NordVPN app, you can select your home country.

There will be a VPN sign show on the top right of your iPhone. That’s when you know you are connected. After that, you can open the Hulu app and begin streaming.

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