Does NordVPN Track You?

Does Nordvpn Track You?

Does NordVPN Track You?

When you use a VPN, you place all your trust in the VPN provider.

You hope that they have the best data practices and policies in place to ensure the security of your data and personal information, and also to ensure you are not being tracked.

But this is not always the case. Some VPN providers have a habit of collecting personal information and sharing it with third parties. This makes it easy to track your online activities.

NordVPN does not track you. It has a zero-logs policy and as such, it cannot collect, track, or store your data. Your security is thus guaranteed and no one can trace you.

In this article, we will try to enlighten you more about the technicalities surrounding the security of your data when using a VPN. So sit tight and read on!

Does NordVPN Track You?

Without a VPN, all your online traffic and data usually pass through an unencrypted route to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Because it is not encrypted, hackers and other malicious people can gain access to data such as your IP address and track you. Your ISP can also see track your online behavior and see what you are doing.

At times they can even give your data to third parties such as government agencies and advertisers.

When you are connected to a VPN server, however, your ISP cannot see anything you do on the internet. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that your VPN has access to this data.

For this reason, it’s always important to know what types of logs a VPN provider keeps before subscribing.

Preferably always pick a VPN provider that has a zero-logs policy. This means that they don’t store any type of logs/information on subscribers. Think about it, if your information doesn’t exist then you cannot be tracked.

Most VPN providers out there claim to have a no-logs policy. They usually use this as a key selling point because they know that most people desire privacy.

And most of them cannot prove these claims so one can only take them at their word. But can you trust that they do not store any of your data that can be used to track you?

NordVPN is one of the most trustworthy VPN providers out there. They have always claimed to have a strict no-logs policy. But what sets them apart from the other VPN providers is that they can prove this claim.

You don’t have to take it at surface value, NordVPN has substantial proof that they do not keep any logs of their users’ activity online.

This means that they do not keep logs of IP addresses, websites visited, time stamps, or downloaded files. In other words, their users’ private data is never collected and logged at any given time.

They therefore cannot provide this information to anyone, not even to you.

So the answer to the question is a resounding No! NordVPN doesn’t track your online activity, and neither does it store this data.

Still want proof? NordVPN hired an independent auditing firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zurich, Switzerland. The firm carried out a full audit to verify their no-logs policy claims.

The auditing firm had access to NordVPN’s servers and databases. It could also interview the company’s employees and observe company operations and inspect any other relevant aspect of the service.

In the end, the auditor confirmed NordVPN’s no-log policy. It was satisfied that NordVPN keeps no store of any of its subscribers’ information.

One more thing worth noting is that NordVPN is based away from the US and EU.

Because of this it’s not legally required to collect personal data and information. This means that nothing is collected, monitored, stored, or passed to third parties.

All this proves that NordVPN doesn’t store information about you. This means that your information such as your IP address, the websites you visit, and the duration of your online sessions aren’t tracked.

Can You Still Be Tracked If You Use a VPN?

Millions of people all around the world use VPNs for various reasons but most of them agree that the main reason is to make them feel at ease on the internet.

In this day and age, it has become quite challenging to ensure online privacy. VPN’s are a useful tool for protecting users from digital spying, tracking, cybercriminals, and collection of personal information.

But do VPN’s provide an all-round answer to online privacy invasion?

So it’s understandable for you to wonder if you can be tracked when using a VPN. This is one of those questions that can’t be answered in a single sentence.

The truth of the matter is that this question is not so straightforward. When we talk about “tracked” we need to consider it in two aspects.

For some people, the word simply means can they browse the internet anonymously?

For other people, it means does anyone know that they are online or that they are using a VPN and from where? So it’s all a matter of perception.

To begin with, some of the people that can see that you’re using a VPN may include your Internet Service Provider, some websites or apps, and hackers.

VPN’s protect your privacy by providing you with a private network. They mask your IP address so that it becomes impossible to track your online activities.

It should be noted however that there are other ways to track you online apart from through IP addresses.

IP addresses aren’t the only identifiers on the internet! So some of the other ways you could be tracked include through installed malware, cookies, DNS leaks, and digital fingerprinting.

  • Malware – If you install malware on your device accidentally, hackers can trace you.
  • Cookies – Whether you use a VPN or not, advertisers can track you online if you allow cookies.
  • Digital fingerprinting – This uses your device’s settings, software, and browser preferences to create a digital map of your online activities.
  • DNS leaks – These occur when a VPN or DNS isn’t correctly set up. Hackers and other third parties can then access your online activities.
  • Government authorities can also track you if they ask for your information from your VPN provider. If you’re doing nothing illegal online, you don’t have to worry about this.

So to definitively answer the question, the answer is yes! You can still be tracked online even when using a VPN.

Here are a few tips to avoid been tracked:

  • Use a multi-hop VPN- This encrypts your data twice before its sent through a VPN server.
  • Use secure browsers.
  • Don’t use a free VPN.

Is NordVPN Anonymous?

NordVPN is completely reliable and secure. It’s one of the most credible VPN providers out there.

It has numerous security features that guarantee your anonymity online, no wonder it has been named as one of the best VPN providers around the world.

NordVPN has numerous servers all around the globe, with unique features for the optimal security of users. This large number of servers assures outstanding protection to users.

NordVPN offers an onion over your private network that provides you with the ultimate online anonymity and privacy.

As already discussed above they have a zero-logs policy and as such your online activities remain anonymous at all times.

Here are some of the other ways NordVPN ensures that users’ information remains anonymous and private:

  • Astounding encryption – All online browsing is private and cannot be accessed by anyone.
  • Protection from DNS leaks – NordVPN uses its DNS servers which ensures your online traffic is secure.
  • Kill switch – Even when the VPN connection drops, the users’ IP doesn’t leak.

With NordVPN, you are guaranteed to remain anonymous and secure.

Does NordVPN hide your IP Address?

The purpose of subscribing to a VPN provider is to mask your IP address. NordVPN is one of the most efficient, secure, and trustworthy VPN providers.

So with NordVPN your IP address is safe from leaking to hackers and from snooping by other third parties.

When you connect to a NordVPN server, you can browse under the cover of its IP addresses.

All your data is encrypted with next-gen security. With a single click, you can mask your IP address and ensure your anonymity and safety.

NordVPN has more than 5300 servers in over 59 countries. You, therefore, have over 5300 IP addresses to choose from. NordVPN is therefore a reliable service to hide your IP address.

While on the internet, you leave digital footprints. These are normally in the form of browsing history, cookies, and cached data.

Some of the other things that are hidden include the users’ location, browser history, and personally identifiable information.

Can NordVPN Be Trusted?

Most VPN providers out there have been known to sell users ‘data to advertisers and also give access to government agencies.

It’s therefore understandable to be a little cautious and distrustful of VPN providers.

NordVPN is one of the most trustworthy services out there. The company has widespread and foolproof security measures to make sure you stay anonymous online and that all your data is safe.

What makes NordVPN so impressive is that it submits to regular audits by independent audits as we discussed above.

Very few VPN providers can agree to this. But NordVPN was the first of its kind to do this.

So with all this in mind, it’s easy to see why NordVPN can be trusted. All your data is secure and safe, and no one at any time can track your online activities.

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