Can You Set Your Location On Bumble?

Can You Set Your Location On Bumble?

Welcome back! After you’ve been traveling around, you’re finally ready to settle down. But your location on Bumble still shows all the old places you saved. Is it driving you crazy not knowing how to set your location on your favorite dating app?

Yes, you can set your location on Bumble. You can do it by subscribing to Bumble Premium or using a VPN. Travel Mode will allow you to set your locale to a city you’re traveling to, while a VPN will make you appear as if you’re in the city.

Let’s see how you can set your location on Bumble. Whether with premium features or a VPN, there’s a way to get more out of Bumble. Are you curious?

Why You Can’t Set Your Location On Bumble?

Bumble isn’t like other dating apps. It’s more female-friendly than other apps like Tinder.

First of all, it enables you to “make the first move.” Thus, you have more control over who you match with. That’s a plus.

It’s not strictly for dating. You can use it to find friends when you’re not interested in hookups. And you can even use it to find business relationships if love and romance aren’t your things.

The basic plan is totally free and gives you unlimited access to basic functionalities.

Like other dating apps, Bumble depends on your GPS information to match you with potential matches in your area.

When you’re on the basic plan, you have all the access you need to local matches, but you can’t access people in other cities or countries.

To change your location, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium package. For $22.00 a month, $46.99 a week, or $139.99 a lifetime.

About Bumble Premium

The Bumble Premium subscription gives you access to the Travel Mode feature, which allows you to show up in other cities. Consequently, you also get access to potential matches in those faraway cities.

It’s a valuable feature when you’re traveling a lot or just moved to another city.

You can also use Bumble on your internet browser, which will determine your location automatically. Without a Premium subscription, Bumble will limit your access to the identified area of your browser and your mobile app. It’s an important point to remember but let’s get to that later.

Imagine this hypothetical situation. Bumble app identifies your location in New York City. But what if you opened Bumble Web in Chicago? You may need to allow permission, so the internet browser changes your location to Chicago. If you don’t, your browser will remain stuck in New York City.

It’s a little bit complicated but it’ll make sense in a moment. Just keep reading.

Using The “Travel Mode” To Set Your Location On Bumble

So, what’s this travel mode?

Travel Mode is a premium feature only available when you upgrade to the Premium package. It’s available on iOS for people in the US, Canada, France, and Germany.

As for Android users, they can use coins to upgrade to Premium.

When you’re traveling, moving, or taking a vacation, you can set your location to this new area you’ll be visiting. When you change your location to this new city, other users can see that you’re in travel mode. You’ll also show up for seven days. (Remember these points because there’s more than meets the eye).

While in travel mode, you can’t choose your exact location. You can only show up at the center of the city. It’s what it is for now, but this may change with future updates. For now, you can’t pinpoint your exact location in travel mode.

Furthermore, if you’re using an Android device in any of the countries mentioned above, you’ll need to pay five Bumble coins to switch to travel mode.

Overriding Bumble Location Restrictions

By upgrading to Premium, you can set your location temporarily. However, you still get some restrictions, as discussed above.

When you’re using the app, you must grant access to the location. Bumble finds you based on the GPS of your device. So, you can’t always depend on your IP address for Geo-location.

An alternative to all of that is using a VPN and ditching the app. Why? Because if you’re in New York City and want to match with people in Chicago, it’s a long run.

You may need to go to Chicago, turn on your location, so you’re set to Chicago, and go back to New York City with your GPS turned off. That way, you can swipe Chicago while in New York City.

As you can tell, that’s nonsensical. What if you’re in the US and want to swipe Germany?

That’s where a VPN can help.

Benefits Of Using Bumble With VPN

You download a VPN on all your devices and pretend you’re in Germany. From your iOS or Android device, you can access Bumble Web from an internet browser with your VPN turned on and enjoy swiping anywhere you want.

  • Since you can appear from any country, there’s no limit to where you can swipe.
  • You can activate a VPN on a desktop and set your location to any location you want.
  • Also, there’s no timer to bug you or a weekly limit that you need to keep updating.
  • When you’re using a VPN, you’ll appear as if you’re in that location.
  • No travel badge that may deter potential matches who might think you’ll be gone soon.
  • You can also show your exact location, not just the city you want to swipe.

And you can use Bumble on your mobile and desktop devices without limits. Because Bumble isn’t available worldwide, you might get the “this app is not available to your device” or “this app is not available in your country” errors.

Cons Of Using VPN With Bumble

Until now, it’s not sure whether you can turn off GPS and use your IP address instead. So, it’s not sure whether the app will use your IP address or your GPS location.

It would be much more convenient to use the app while the VPN is running. Either way, you can still set your location on Bumble with the internet browser.

All in all, some dating app experts claim that using the internet browser will actually boost your ranking more than using the app.

P.S. One last thing, you may want to sign up to Bumble with your phone number instead of your Facebook account. Bumble seems to associate your Facebook account with your location.

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