Can VPN Be Cracked?

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Can VPN Be Cracked?

VPN or virtual private network is synonymous with online security for more than two decades now.

It provides security and anonymity and is constantly improved upon by software geniuses to make this even stronger and more secure. But are they completely fail-proof, so can VPN never be cracked?

VPN can be cracked. However, it is just not as simple as that, and the safety shield that the VPN provides its users cannot be pierced completely. Despite all the security it brings to our information, a cracked VPN can continue to function, but there will be certain downsides to it.

To understand whether VPNs can be cracked or not, it is first important to learn how VPNs work.

In this article, we will look into how the encryption makes the VPN so secure and look at whether they can be cracked or not and the consequences of using a cracked VPN.

What Is a Virtual Private Network and How Does It Work?

A virtual private network is one of the best ways to protect your personal data.

It keeps your browsing secure and all the data that you input as well as all the data that you view or download, or access in any form secure from prying eyes.

The VPN creates a tunnel that acts as a shield wall between the data that you access and your Internet service provider (ISP).

So, even though your ISP gives you access to the data, they cannot view your activities on the net.

Neither can the ISP track you on any matter for anything you do on the internet.

This is because the VPN provider will give you a different IP address and make you invisible to your ISP as well as anyone else who tries to hack into the network.

The Importance of Encryption in VPN

The way VPNs protect you is with the help of encryption.

The tunnel that the VPN creates shielding your activities from the ISP’s or any other third party’s prying eyes is through encryption.

Any data that you input or view is converted into a code using a mathematical algorithm.

This algorithm is quite complex, and as it morphs your data from a simple format to a rather complicated one, it creates that tunnel protection.

Encryptions are quite difficult to crack.

Over time with new and more sophisticated methods being introduced in the world of coding and encryption, these formulae keep evolving, making the VPN connections more secure than ever.

Do VPNs Get Cracked?

VPNs run on encryptions and protocols, and it is vital that these protocols are followed to the t in order to provide the level of safety and security that you are seeking.

However, not every protocol or encryption is of the same standard. While some are strong, there are others that are weaker.

Sometimes, this weak link in the entire series of encryption often makes it easy for a hacker to crack your VPN.

How Easy Is It to Crack VPNs?

There is some consolation in the thought that these hackings are not as easy as it may seem.

The math behind the algorithms and the subsequent encryption is extremely complex and may take months, if not years, to crack.

By that time, the math would have evolved, and so would the encryption. Thereby, it would start the wheel all over again.

Of course, any Tom, Dick, and Harry cannot go on a rampage and try to crack VPNs. It simply isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Though that does not reduce the threat level as there are still others, you would only need a few minds who could wreak havoc by accessing your personal data by cracking a VPN.

The bottom line does remain that VPNs do get cracked every so often.  

Does a Cracked VPN Still Work?

While a cracked VPN may continue to work to a fairly large extent, there may be several downsides to it if you were to continue using the cracked VPN.

Of course, the safety and security features, the very reasons you chose to have a VPN in the first place, are now compromised.

All your data and personal information, including information and bank account, all stand a chance to be compromised.   

What Are the Problems Associated With Using a Cracked VPN?

There are a number of problems associated with using a cracked VPN.

In this segment, you will find a detailed description of some of the problems that a cracked VPN may pose, though the list is far from exhaustive, and as technology changes, the scope of these problems too may enlarge or narrow down with time.

A Cracked VPN Does Not Work After an Update

VPNs constantly keep changing their functionalities and other aspects. These changes are sent out to all customers of that particular VPN service through an update or a complete upgrade.

If the VPN is cracked, the updates are less likely to come in, and even if they do, they are hardly going to work on a compromised software.

In worst cases, though very likely, you may also lose access to the cracked VPN version after the update is through, and the VPN will completely stop working for you.

The VPN Will No Longer Be Able to Provide You With Security

A cracked VPN may appear to be functioning just fine on the surface.

However, it will not be able to provide you with the security you need, and the worst part is you would not even realize that.

Because the VPN is still functioning, you may think that you have the safety and security features that came with it initially.

However, your data and even your identity may become vulnerable to theft and misuse.

Newer vulnerabilities will creep in overtime with bugs and other errors inundating your device and may even affect your access to certain sites.

You will not be able to receive any security patches, and you would not even know about it.  

You Might Lose Connection With Your Server

There is a chance that you may no longer be connected to the correct server even.

The VPN, when cracked, may cause some internal changes to the system, and some of these changes may even cause a change in the server address that you may be currently using.

This simply means that those who cracked the VPN may have altered the path your data will follow by changing the server to which your data may go.

In fact, there is a high probability that they themselves may be collecting the data themselves, data that is highly confidential and critical for you, such as your credit card details, Social Security Number, etc.

To learn more about the risks of using a cracked VPN, watch this video:

Importance of Reliable VPN Providers

Due to the harm that a cracked VPN can do, it is important to have a reliable VPN sourced from a trustworthy provider.

They will not only check that the VPN is functioning well at all times and notify you in case there is a breach, but they will also keep upgrading their software and send you security patches to keep your data secured.

The Norton 360 Premium 2021 provides a secure VPN and real-time threat protection. You will receive the card and activate it with the product key code that will be mailed to you separately.


These days there are many providers of highly secure and sophisticated VPN solutions. Of course, it comes at a premium, but that is the price you pay for safety.

The alternative is quite intimidating, where you will be risking your privacy and really sensitive information, including access to your online accounts and money to an unscrupulous hacker.


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