Best VPN for Cyprus

Best VPN for Cyprus

Best VPN for Cyprus

There are probably few places that evoke such warm feelings as Cyprus.  Crystal blue waters.  White sandy beaches.  Golden brown sunsets.  And that’s only the place. 

There are also the warm, friendly people, exquisite culinary creations and much more. 

It doesn’t take much to get completely lost in the place, that is until you consider some of the prohibitions the government has put into place. 

This includes issues they have with internet access, which has its fair share of restrictions that exercise considerable power when it comes to what you can and cannot see and do online. 

The logical answer to this problem is a VPN, which puts the power of what you see and do in your hands. 

Even better is the fact that not only will anyone not be able to see what you did online, but they also won’t be able to see you were ever there.

What follows is a list of the best VPN services available in Cyprus. 

It’s not a complete list, however, but it is a list of the best based on our evaluations of speed, encryption, connectivity, and other specifications that users like most. 

With a list of what you want to accomplish online and this list, you will be able to easily see which service is best for you and your needs.

Best VPN for Cyprus


It seems like wherever you go, whenever you go there, one VPN that you should keep in mind for providing good services is ExpressVPN. 

This is not to oversell the service, but it really does provide a one-stop solution to a lot of problems that can be associated with Internet access. 

ExpressVPN was started in 2009 in the British Virgin Islands, but since then has expanded exponentially and has even won its share of awards for all their services. 

It consists of more than 2,000 servers scattered around the world, including stealth servers that give users access in some highly restrictive areas.  Not only that, but this allows users to do this totally undetected.

You can also subscribe to a SmartDNS service, which allows you to hide your location. 

You can switch between services an unlimited number of times with no caps on your browsing.  ExpressVPN even offers a complete 30-day money-back guarantee on their trial.

Pros and Cons


  • More than 3,000 servers located worldwide.
  • 5 multi-login
  • Fastest VPN on the market.


  • Pricey, but offers a money-back guarantee.


IPVanish is an American company based in Florida.  It has a complete range of more than 1,500 servers, providing a list of more than 40,000 IPs that customers can connect with. 

IPVanish has speeds that are very reliable and will allow online gamers to play with no discernable lag.

IPVanish has a zero-logging policy that promises that no records are kept of the user’s browsing history.

IPVanish is well known for being a provider with multiple connections that we’re aware of.  It also offers its customers the opportunity to connect up to 10 devices on the same account.

This includes Kodi, Android TV Fire TV, and more.  Not only that, but you can appear to be virtually anywhere you want to be. 

Their customer support service is also great, with users giving them high marks for contact made by either phone, email or direct messaging.

They offer a 7-day money-back trial period, so you can see for yourself whether they are everything they claim to be.

Pros and Cons


  • Access all Kodi add-ons
  • Remain private
  • Fastest VPN speeds
  • Apps for Mac, Android, iOS, Android TV


  • Nothing readily apparent


VyprVPN is a service that many people turn to almost exclusively for their Chameleon protocol. 

This is not to say that they don’t offer a great product overall, because they do, but their Chameleon product is especially attractive for VPN users. 

This feature is important because it allows users to avoid any form of Deep Packet Inspection that is carried out in many very restrictive regions of the world. 

This includes some very prohibitive firewalls that have been implemented by governments and companies, in the US as well as other countries.  

VyprVPN offers more than 700 servers located in their network, and that number is continually being expanded. 

It also allows for unlimited server switching.  VyprVPN is located in Switzerland, and you can be assured that this is one company that won’t keep records of your growing or keep a log of it, much less give it out. 

Prospective VyprVPN users can take advantage of a 3-day trial period. 

Pros and Cons


  • Offers more than 700 servers.
  • Unlimited server switching.
  • Strict no-logging policy.


  • Nothing worth complaining about.


NordVPN is a company based in Panama that ensures that all of their clients enjoy maximum security with their internet experience. 

This is readily apparent from the huge list of services they offer as well as the record they enjoy with their users. 

One of the most impressive of these services is their Double VPN feature, which allows data to be transmitted through two servers instead of just one. 

This virtually doubles the chances that nothing secure will get past it.  This is even more secure than the 256-bit military-grade AES security that is already offered by the company.

NordVPN has more than 4,000 servers. 

With this, customers have the opportunity to pick and choose between which servers they want to connect through, based on whatever they’d like to do online. 

With NordVPN you can use the same account to connect with 6 operations, and this even includes their CyberSec feature. 

This helps to prevent virtually all unwanted intruders such as malware and unwanted ads. 

There is also an app offered by NordVPN that allows you to integrate with all of the most popular operating systems.  

If you have ever found yourself struggling through all of the options available on a VPN, you should try NordVPN. 

That won’t be an issue. 

It is easy to get through with minimal problems, whether you are tweaking your connection or any of a number of other operations.  You owe it to yourself to try NordVPN.  

Pros and Cons


  • 6 multi-login
  • More than 5,000 servers worldwide.
  • Affordable pricing plans.


  • Nothing worth complaining about

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