3monkey VPN Review

Reverse Proxy vs. VPN: What's the Difference?

3monkey VPN Review

One of the smartest methods of ensuring online privacy data security and protection is employing a VPN service.

Virtual private networks prevent businesses or governmental outlets from spying or stealing your information, and who’s got time for that headache?

Having a VPN service places more trust and peace of mind into your network and the outlet you’re working from on a day-to-day basis.

Even the frequent coffee hangouts or libraries, with their shared networks, are subject to risk of privacy attacks. You never know who created that network to lure you into disclosing personal information.

Oftentimes, a random researcher will pull a prank by creating a network with the exact same name as a free, more popular service to see how many users will automatically connect.

The key word here is ‘trust.’

It’s easy to place hard-earned trust in your fellow humans and your internet provider, yet after Congress passed a bill which allows your ISP network to sell your browsing history, it’s also uncanny how many in society have no idea this tactic was occurring.

Have you ever wondered why the moment you do a Google search for absolutely anything retail or brand-related, that exact item from your browsing history appears immediately into your Facebook feed? 

Once the Net Neutrality rules were abolished, internet service providers are now allowed to charge you extra for various types of content (videos, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) which slows down your original content and ultimately sets a higher fee based on what it actually is you’re downloading.

The ultimate and vital way to cease this type of mistrust and ‘spying’ is to use a virtual provider network (VPN).

More modern day consumer in the post-Net Neutrality era are turning to VPN’s for the sole purpose of security services. 

How Does a VPN Work?

Creating a secure encrypted connection is the primary function of the VPN service. Similar to a tunnel, a VPN is the link between your computer or device, and the server operated by the virtual private network.

In essence, this tunneled connection gives you access to the company network as if you were physically present in your office chair. 

As soon as you’re connected to the VPN, all of your network traffic passes through this tunnel of protection, and not a single person or your ISP provider can have access to your traffic until it exits the tunnel from the VPN server and becomes public on the internet.

One solid way of making certain your data and information are protected is to only connect to websites with HTTPS, which guarantees your personal data remains encrypted long after it leaves the VPN tunnel. 

3monkey VPN Review

There are numerous VPN carriers on the market, yet providing an in-depth look at one company called 3monkey VPN will give you insight to the world of how feedback becomes extremely relevant in this post-Net Neutrality decade.

You want reliable, super fast, ultra secure, and 24/7 live chat support. Having this within your VPN becomes a saving grace should anything go awry down the road.

So let’s look at 3monkey VPN and how this provider stacks up to its’ competitors. First off, 3monkey is based in Switzerland, yet it has servers in 20 different countries.

For infrastructure purposes, 3monkey utilizes around 327 servers, offering its users a yearly plan alongside an initial risk-free trial option should you need to test drive it prior to committing to the service. 

If 3monkey VPN fits your needs, there are pros and cons to consider when opting to use this network. 

The Pros of 3monkey VPN

Based on several reviews of the 3 monkey provider network, following are the pros of the service:

  • Uses a free trial option to allow potential customers a chance to see if it would work for them
  • Over 327 servers in the network
  • Worldwide service in 20 countries
  • Provides support for OpenVPN
  • Does not log traffic date into its’ system
  • Considered very safe to browse
  • Ranks 168th in the world against its competitors
  • No active threats ever reported
  • Extremely large valuation
  • Nine search engine backlinks
  • Traffic report analysis estimates over 11,000 page views

As with any product review, there’s always a flipside to the coin with customer feedback.

Here we take a look at the negative aspects of a 3monkey VPN review:

  • Allows only one simultatneous connection
  • There is zero support for the “kill switch”
  • Retains customer IP addresses
  • Logs connection timestamps and bandwidth data
  • 3monkey VPN doesn’t have its own DNS server
  • Doesn’t allow cryptocurrency payments for service usage

There’s also a host of other FAQ’s a user might consider when signing up with 3monkey VPN. For instance, “does the provider allow P2P/Torrent traffic?” and “does the 3monkey vpn service allow SMTP connections?”

These questions might appear in a live chat with a 3monkey vpn representative, and it’s vital to offer inclusive information to the potential user before signing up with the service.

While valid in considering furthering the 3monkey vpn review status, it’s also notable to accommodate the millions of users still wanting to access a virtual provider network.

The current VPN competitors all boast super fast, reliable, and ultra secure features within their service.

To offer customers outstanding support, and as part of the 3monkey vpn review, the Switzerland-based company needs to focus on strong encryption, HD/4K streaming, both Chrome and Firefox extensions, and 24/7 live chat support.

Where To Go From Here

As with any solid 3monkey vpn review, having advanced speeds and excellent privacy features will rank this company at the top of the pack.

Include incentives within the sign-up package that provides an instant setup and easy to use access on all devices.

Any established quality that helps secure the trust of the user while supporting them along the initial 3monkey vpn stages.

Having online anonymity and reduced costs within a service provider is a strength of 3monkey vpn.

The more security is enhanced by the provider, the increase in advantages 3monkey vpn software has over its competitors.

Internet users will then benefit from accessing restricted content from anywhere in the world, with simply the click of a mouse. 

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